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Diamond Point International, part of an international group, has been established in the UK since 1983 and has been at the forefront of industrial computing technology, servicing a mix of OEMs and system integrators. Diamond Point is committed to the Open Systems philosophy and has maintained a portfolio of standards based products, both de facto and formally IEEE recognised. The company offers a prompt quality Technical Support service across all its products. Our engineering department integrates both hardware and software products, thereby offering total system solutions as required by our customers.


Diamond Point International can provide a complete design service based around Kontron’s COM Express® modules. We have latest Cadence® design and verification tools enabling us to carry very complex designs, including additional FPGA’s, multiple Ethernet, Serial, Mini PCI express, Digital & analogue IO, also we can introduce new processor technology to re invigorate old but proven designs. We have a keen understanding for designing product for very harsh mechanical and electrical environments with over 3000 systems already delivered into the rail industry and over 2000 systems into military  projects. DPI compliment this service with expert knowledge, in the design of power supplies to power our systems, be it AC, DC isolated or to military or transport standard, we have probably already done it.

DPI also have a very experienced packaging team using SolidWorks® design tools we can design enclosures that will fit our customers exact needs and also provide conduction cooling to eliminate the need for cooling fans also adding industrial grade SSD’s for complete high reliability wide temperature solid state solutions.

D2250 ETX® (Customisable baseboard)

D2250 ETX®
This ETX® backplane offers a low cost backplane for use with the Kontron ETX® range of PC modules. The board has a PC/104 socket for expansion modules. This board was designed for a customer for use with the now obsolete ETX-P1 but will work with any ETX® CPU module.

Key Features

  • Compact ETX® backplane
  • Highly customised
  • Standard PC ports
  • PC/104 socket for expansion
  • 5V only needed

Board Details

Available sockets are PS/2 keyboard and mouse, vga, parallel port, USB, serial, IDE, floppy, flat panel and sound. As this board was custom made, it can be modified to any specification.

D2373 DIMM-PC®

D2373 DIMM-PC®
This DIMM-PC® backplane offers a backplane solution for use with the Kontron DIMM-PC® range of PC modules. The board has a socket for a DIMM-PC® CPU module and a socket for a DIMM-I/O module (underneath the board). See DIMM-PC® section for more info on these cards.

Key Features

  • Compact DIMM-PC® backplane
  • Highly customised
  • Standard PC ports
  • PC/104 socket for expansion
  • DC input

Board Details

Available sockets are DC voltage input (7 - 24V input range), VGA out and Ethernet. The board has headers for floppy, IDE, 4 COM ports, keyboard/reset and parallel port. The board has jumpers onboard to select either RS-232, RS-422 or RS-486 operation for all COM ports. The board was designed for a customer who needed a PC based solution in a compact space but for use with a PC/104 I/O board.

D2426 X-board®

D2426 X-board®
The D2426 X-board® baseboard is a baseboard designed for a customer to go with the Kontron X-board®-<861> module. Also works with the X-board®- module.

Key Features

  • X-board® baseboard
  • Designed for X-board®-<861>
  • Onboard compact flash socket
  • MiniPCI socket for expansion
  • 5V only required
  • 4 x RS232 ports, PS/2 mouse / keyboard
  • 3 USB ports, LAN and VGA
  • 0°C to +60° C operation

Board Details

The unit requires 5V only (i.e. has onboard switched mode PSU to provide 3.3V to X-board). Features:

  • Power input & ground
  • 4 x RS-232 TTL Serial interfaces
  • 1 x PS/2 Keyboard interface
  • 1 x PS/2 Mouse interface
  • 3 x USB Interfaces
  • 1 x VGA CRT Interface
  • 1 x Reset Interface
  • 1 x 10/100 Base-T LAN interface
  • MiniPCI interface for expansion
  • Compact Flash socket for mass storage (wired into IDE interface of X-board®)
  • Dimensions: 145 mm x 68 mm x 19 mm

D2473 ETX®

D2473 ETX®
The D2473 ETX® is a specially designed ETX® carrier board. The ETX module is fitted to the underside of the PCB. The underside of the PCB has no connectors which allows easy fitment of the assembly to an external heatsink or cold plate. All standard ETX® interfaces (apart from the LVDS) are brought out to standard PC type connectors or headers. Two additional COM ports are available which can be configured as either RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 (i.e. in addition to the two standard serial ports that the RS-232ETX provide, which have been implemented as RS-232. Storage is provided via dual IDE headers. A Compact Flash socket is hard wired to one of these sockets.

Key Features

  • Compact ETX® carrier board
  • Takes all Kontron ETX® modules
  • Brings all standard ETX® interfaces to the outside
  • Additional two RS-232 ports
  • Compact flash socket
  • 10 to 30 volt DC power input
  • Battery backup
  • 225mm x 120mm
  • –40° C to +85° C operation

Board Details

  • Power connector
  • Parallel port
  • Two serial ports (option of two additional ports via onboard header)
  • Two external USB, additional two via onboard header
  • HD15 VGA socket
  • RJ-45 socket
  • PC/104 and PC/104+ connectors
  • Dual IDE, compact flash socket

D2511 ETX®

D2511 ETX®
The D2511 ETX® is a specially designed ETX® carrier board for one of our customers. The customer had a requirement for a system which could monitor some inputs and indicate to a central PC (via TCP) of certain conditions. Prototyping was done using off the shelf PC/104 modules (Kontron MOPSlcdLX CPU module and Tri-M R-104 I/O module). Due to the amount of wiring required for this particular configuration, an ETX® solution was chosen for production units. The advantage of the ETX® route is simple: In most cases, it means that no wiring is required - just plug the ETX® module to the carrier board along with cooling module and thats it. Wiring is an extremely time consuming process. Wiring also contributes EMC issues. ETX® allows easier heat removal via the uniform ETX® heatspreader. ETX® allows customer specific I/O ETX® allows customer specific connectors to be used

Key Features

  • designed to fit in an off the shelf aluminium box
  • heatspreader made direct contact with the box
  • heat dissipation to the box

Board Details

  • Compact ETX carrier board
  • Takes all Kontron ETX modules
  • Two RS-232 ports
  • Keyboard/mouse socket
  • Ethernet
  • Customer specific circuitry
  • Compact flash socket
  • 12 volt DC power input
  • Battery backup
  • 95 x 114mm

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