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85757 Karlsfeld
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The company LACON embedded GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes electronic system components for a wide range of industrial applications. LACON embedded is your partner with many years experience in design of Hard- and Software, electronic manufacturing service, assembly of kabels and electric cabinets. One of our core competences are design and production of OEM products, based on Computer-on-Modules. Our design experience includes the electronic baseboards, power supplies, the construction of chassis and the system integration.


  • Full Customized designs for Industrial Automation with embedded Modules
  • Development of µC-Controllboards in Hard- and Software
  • Mass production of electronic systems

LACON - MG3 (HMI Measurement unit for micro welding)

Based on DIMM-PC®/520-I with Dimm PC/VGA2

Key Features

  • Customized design in form and function
  • Fits in 3U 19” Units
  • Integrated 1 MB SRAM

Board Details

  • Market Segment: Test & Measurement
  • 2 CAN Bus Interfaces
  • RS232 Interfaces
  • IDE Interface for CompactFlash
  • Anybus Interface
  • TFT Display Interface

LACON - T5000 (Controlling unit for plasma systems in semiconductor production area)

LACON - T5000
Several Interfaces including a Power Supply with UPS functionality. On the baseboard we have all the usual interfaces from the PC technologies like USB, VGA, Ethernet, Compactflash, IDE, LPT, Keyboard, LCD TFT and Floppy. Additionally we have many Interfaces for controlling on it.

Key Features

  • Works under QNX6.3
  • Customized design in form and function
  • 0°C to 50°C Operation

Board Details

  • Market Segment: Industrial Automation
  • 16 x analog inputs with 12 bit resolution
  • 16 x analog outputs with 12 bit resolution
  • 64 x digital input and all opto-decoupeld
  • 1 x digital counter with 16 bit
  • 32 x digital outputs opto-decoupeld
  • 32 x digital outputs to control AC- or DC out Moduls with 1A amperage each
  • 10 x RS232/RS485 serial interfaces

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