BMK Group GmbH & CO.KG

Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 6
86159 Augsburg
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BMK Group GmbH as a leading provider for all services in electronics (E²MS - electronic engineering and manufacturing services) ensures shortest time-to-market. Based on the experience of more than 500 engineering projects and thousands of assembled boards, BMK is the ideal partner for high-tech electronic products for industrial, medical and telecom applications.


BMK has 15 years of experience in electronic development. We are the integral development partner for demanding customers with responsibility for product design, approval, process / test development, series production and SCM. As a time to market accelerator with parallelization of development, procurement, manufacturing and a transparent development process, we make the difference.

  • Complete development of electronics
  • Embedded Security kit (hardware, software, production)
  • Layout Systems: Mentor Graphics Xpedition, Altium Designer
  • Design, test, simulation for analog and digital circuits
  • Production (PCB assembly), Box Built, Test, Fulfilment and Distribution
  • Rework and repair

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