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Founded in 1986, DELTATEC is a high-tech design house, specialized in advanced hardware, software and packaging design and system integration. We cover all demands for software and hardware engineering, prototyping, industrialization, certification, packaging design, product life time management. We assume production of small and middle range series. With a team of more than 25 high-level engineers, our main design competences are in the following fields embedded systems, digital video and imaging, sound processing, broadcast applications, FPGA based designs, packaging design, aeronautic and space embedded electronics. Our main markets are: TV broadcast, industrial vision, industrial equipment, aeronautic, space, medical, telecom, multimedia.


  • Embedded hardware design
  • Multi-layer boards with complex devices including thermal analysis for custom passive cooling Software design
  • Mandatory for designing complex systems Mechanics design
  • We also take on board the product packaging Product industrialisation and manufacturing
  • From prototype to manufacturing

Deltatec IP Turret (COM Certified Baseboard)

Deltatec IP Turret
The baseboard hardware architecture built on a ETX®-PM Kontron COM, supports three independent external gigabit Ethernet ports, eight high-speed USB channels, six audio handsets, two wired headsets, hand-free microphone and speaker but also Bluetooth headset support. There are no hard disk, ventilator or other moving parts, reducing the maintenance costs and reinforcing the reliability. The heat dissipation and thermal behaviour had to be analysed carefully. DELTATEC solved this by performing a preliminary theoretical thermal analysis and then practical measurements on a ‘power dissipation’ prototype before validating the results implementing the specific heat spreader on the final product. The product has been designed and certified according to the CE, FCC and UL60950 specifications.

Key Features

  • Complex embedded system architecture
  • Thermal and power management
  • XP Embedded OS customization, embedded devices drivers and API development

Board Details

  • Triple processor platform (ETX®-PM 600MHz module, 600MHz DSP and Gigabit Ethernet Switch with integrated 8051 processor)
  • OS stored on a Compact Flash™ with 2 level of write access protection to increase compact flash lifetime (Hardware level and OS level)
  • LVDS 15" display with touchscreen and custom brightness and backlight control
  • Passive cooling system with an aluminium metal sheet dissipating the heat from the ETX® COM
  • Microsoft® XP Embedded OS
  • Up to 10 bidirectional simultaneous audio communications on external devices (6 handsets, 2 wired headsets, 1 Bluetooth headset, 1 external microphone and 2 external speakers)
  • Gbit Ethernet external interfaces with data redundancy and fault detection protocols

Deltatec S2MOD (COM Certified Baseboard)

Deltatec S2MOD
DELTATEC collaborated with one of its customers specialized on satellite communication on an ESA research project (S2MOD) to develop a new line of products that respond to the evolution of modern satellite modulation techniques (DVB-S2), to the progress in video and audio compression technologies (MPEG-4, WM9) and to the ever-increasing use of IP as a transport protocol, even for television applications. The resulting product is called Multimedia Satellite Router (MSR) and integrates a PC platform to support video and audio streaming, IP routing, security and encoding above the new DVB-S2 modulation/demodulation interfaces. Special care had to be provided to reliability, performance, user-friendliness, and uninterrupted 24/7 operation in any business-critical environment. The main driver behind the project was to be the first on the market with a new professional DVB-S2 product line that will outperform any existing DVB-S equipment on the market and offer a range of new features that will improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of existing applications and also allow the development of new applications. The definition of an architecture for such a sensitive product was a complex task involving mechanical, hardware and software issues. It could only be solved by developing a perfect system view, considering these 3 aspects simultaneously all along the development lifecycle. Thanks to its great video and system expertise, DELTATEC designed the central embedded PC platform, the software drivers and an API for the demodulators and the decapsulators. DELTATEC also integrated the A/V encoding and temporary storage in the product. All the software blocks were provided with an API and comprehensive documentation. This insured a smooth integration with the very rich base of existing software applications developed by our customer and its project partners. We integrated an ETX®-PM Kontron module in this case.

Key Features

  • Software and hardware video Encoders (WM9, MPEG-4, H.264)
  • Windows® Media 9 content streaming
  • Embedded OS and PCI driver development (Windows® and Linux)

Board Details

  • Market Segments: Communications
  • Hardware/Software/Mechanical complex architecture
  • No moving part design (HDD, ventilator, ...)
  • Power management
  • Thermal management
  • Embedded OS porting (Windows® and Linux)
  • Embedded OS PCI driver design (Windows® and Linux)
  • NIC driver
  • Software and hardware video Encoders (WM9, MPEG-4, H.264)
  • DirectShow
  • IP over DVB
  • Windows® Media 9 content streaming
  • MPEG-7 multimedia content description scheme
  • Web services
  • PHP and SNMP remote control

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