Kontron acquires Comlab AG

Linz, July 6 2023 – Kontron AG announces the signing of a contract to purchase 100% of the shares in Comlab AG, Switzerland a specialist for data communication repeaters for Railways. Comlab generated EUR 20 million of business in 2022 at a break-even result. The closing of the transaction is expected by the end of July.

Comlab will be fully integrated into Kontron Transportation, which is targeting to strengthen its footprint in the Railway market with this acquisition. Comlab comes along with its own product portfolio, strong engineering capabilities, and a footprint in the Swiss, Germany and Chinese markets, where Kontron Transportation is looking to increase its presence. The products of Comlab play an essential role in mission-critical networks by amplifying and repeating signals.
Comlab has been developing radio frequency since 1971. The company is leading in digital communication systems for railways. The company has more than 110 employees in Switzerland, German and Chinese markets with an expected revenue of EUR 25 million and a net income of EUR 2 million for 2024.

“With the Comlab acquisition, we will enhance our product portfolio and engineering capabilities. Comlab's presence and expertise in Switzerland will be instrumental in our market entry and growth in this important region, particularly due to their Railway, Secondary Line, and Public Transport infrastructure," says Bernd Eder, CEO of Kontron Transportation.
“Our successful M&A strategy is essential in driving our growth plans in the dynamic IoT space. I am delighted to announce our second promising acquisition in 2023 with ComLab," says Hannes Niederhauser, CEO of Kontron AG.




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Kontron AG (www.group.kontron.com) ISIN AT0000A0E9W5, WKN A0X9EJ, KTN) – previously S&T AG – is a growing IoT technology group with more than 6,000 employees and subsidiaries in 32 countries around the world. The company is listed on the SDAX® of the German Stock Exchange and is one of the leading providers of smart solutions for a host of industries. With a well-known brand and its own technologies in the fields of smart factory, railway communication systems, communication solutions and smart energy, Kontron is the well-trusted partner helping businesses undertake their digital transformation journeys in a wide range of industries to achieve their future ambitions.
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Kontron Transportation GmbH is a global leading supplier of dedicated end-to-end communication solutions for mission-critical networks that offers tailor made solutions to support its customers with their communication challenges. The company´s focus is to produce, transport and process voice, data and video information reliably and securely in an efficient and sustainable way. The core product portfolio includes GSM-Railways, FRMCS (future railway mobile communication system), MCx (mission-critical over public networks), 4G/5G public network solutions and IIoT solutions focusing on data processing. Main customers are railways and public transport operators all over Europe.
Kontron Transportation drives the evolution into the next generation of broadband solutions for mission-critical networks, for instance as an associated member of the European research initiative Shift2Rail. The company has more than 450 employees, 10 sites all over Europe and is headquartered in Vienna.

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