In the future, applications in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be established in almost every industry and will decisively determine progress in entrepreneurial value creation. The digital transformation demands ever shorter innovation cycles from science and research as well as from technology providers, and also new top performance in hardware and software, since AI applications can only be realized on the basis of data- and computation-intensive processes.

Automation/Energy Industry: Predictive Maintenance through preventive diagnostics

The production and energy supply supported by IoT enables smooth processes and early prevention of malfunctions through preventive diagnostic systems. IoT-based predictive maintenance strategies for energy supply and industrial automation optimize plant maintenance, allow real-time remote control and adapt maintenance schedules to real conditions. Machine and deep learning help to detect deviations at an early stage and display anomalies by means of planning algorithms. 

Healthcare: A faster race against time with AI

AI opens up new opportunities in patient treatment regarding prevention, diagnosis and therapy. The chances of recovery increase with the degree of diagnosis, such as X-rays, CTA, MRI or ultrasound. AI applications that structure and analyze huge amounts of data in a short time are necessary to supplement the diagnoses of medical personnel.

Visual/Audio Inspection: Digital inspection systems ensure higher quality and productivity

Recordings from a camera connected either via USB or a network are analyzed and evaluated directly on the edge device by a trained neural network in a process called ‘inference’. In addition to visual inspection, AI applications involving text recognition and reproduction as well as audio and behavior pattern recognition are also possible. Audio recognition for instance can be used to identify unusual vibrations that indicate a faulty machine part. For example, the axes of trains could be checked while in operation. 

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) offer the required computing power

Powerful hardware and software components are essential for AI solutions to fulfill their role as system-critical applications in any industry. The systems have to analyze terabytes of data in a short period of time. The computing power required for parallel processing is provided by multicore CPUs based on neural chips. Above all, however, it comes from the graphics processing units (GPUs). GPUs are the processors that today provide the necessary power for deep learning, machine learning and inferencing.

Since July 2019, Kontron has been NVIDIA Preferred Partner and uses their GPUs for its AI platforms and applications. Kontron benefits from the know-how and engineering expertise of NVIDIA's specialists, and can therefore create innovative solutions for AI-based applications.

NVIDIA® TESLA® V100, NVIDIA® T4 high-end GPUs deliver high GPU performance


Kontron's industrial rackmount systems have been specifically designed for demanding environments and are therefore the perfect fit for applications with high temperature requirements and high mechanical stress. Their resistance to high temperatures, shock and vibration, combined with their high performance and extensive storage capabilities, make them ideally suited for power-hungry applications. Efficient cooling concepts, maintenance-free and customizable design, High Performance Computing (HPC) and high graphics performance predestine the workstation for continuous and long-term use in computing-intensive applications such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning.


High performance 4U Rackmount Server 

for deep learning, Machine Learning, and Inferencing with Dual Intel® Xeon® SP processors and High END GPUs from NVIDIA

  • Real-time parallel processing
  • Powerful GPU graphics acceleration
  • Easy server configuration and scalability
  • Continuous 24/7 systems availability
  • Low server noise emission
  • Security
  • Server durability
  • Long term availability



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