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SCADA Controlled Painting Line in Automotive Industry

  • SCADA Controlled Painting Line in Automotive Industry

    MASSIVE is a technological system for energy distributions systems, which integrates all dispatcher functions to a single monitoring environment, including a view of power distribution networks topology depending on "live" data from the surrounding environment. The operating staff is able to remotely control the power section switches within the whole power distribution network. SCADA HMI system Aspic 3.30 has been used as a main application for on-line and off-line visualization, remote control of connected stations, dynamic network zooming within one visualization page and colored distinguishing of pertinence to the supply transformer and of collision states. All gathered data and events are stored in ORACLE database for 5 years archiving period. What is more, MASSIVE system allows further simulation of non-communicating stations, network calculations or network parts searching in according to the specific criteria.

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