Are vehicles more ‘aware’ than the drivers?

As we see increasing adoption of smart sensors across all assets, fixed and mobile, there will soon come a time when our cars and other vehicles will become more ‘aware’ of the environment than the people using them. Autonomous vehicle technologies integrate input from various on-board sensors (image, video, radar, laser, pressure, temperature, fuel, speed, etc.) and remote environmental data (traffic, weather, road conditions, surrounding vehicle data, etc.) in what I like to call as ‘aware computing’ to improve the overall efficiencies. These technologies would result in improved traffic flow, reduced traffic congestion, improved fuel efficiency as well as reduction in human error induced accidents.

Aware computing platforms are well suited for real-time computing and analytics that is needed to process multiple sensor inputs such as video images, radar data vehicle and road conditions to help optimize speed and increase safety. We are already seeing many automobiles with advanced driver assistance capabilities, such as the Mercedes Benz Intelligent Drive system which provides brake assist, lane assist and pilot modes to help improve the driving experience. There are many other commercial transportation systems providers providing innovative driver assistance solutions inside the cab including 360 degree camera views and haptic feedback to improve safety.



What do all these systems have in common? Advanced high-performance aware computing platforms with real-time OS and messaging capabilities. Kontron is excited to be on the leading edge of providing such advanced platforms and solutions in conjunction with our key partners. These aware computing platforms have a wide array of applications in the fast expanding Internet of Things world.

Let us know what you think about this tipping point towards autonomous vehicle technologies.

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