Keeping on-board video surveillance on track



Passenger security on public transport just got a whole lot better – thanks to the very latest IoT-enabled on-board surveillance technology 


Picture this…on a dark and rainy winter’s evening the 2100hrs inter-city express departed the station as usual. Half an hour into the journey most passengers were already settled comfortably, some reading or checking emails, others taking a nap. Then, out of nowhere, there was a passenger incident of some kind...


Unfortunately, there was never any way of discovering exactly what occurred that night, why it happened, or who was actually responsible.  Why? There wasn’t a fit-for purpose on-board video surveillance system installed. 


The passengers and staff must have felt very much alone

And with good reason - even if a member of staff or passenger had quickly raised the alarm it would have probably taken several minutes at least before the message finally got through to the right authorities, so that appropriate emergency assistance or back up could be despatched.


In the new age of the connected train - or indeed bus or metro – passengers and staff can now have greater peace of mind

Remaining continuously connected to the outside world is the key. With this, CCTV on public transport is no longer limited to passive on-board recording. To ensure passenger and staff protection n is as full-proof as possible, transport operators and their on-board staff can now have the protection of real-time surveillance solutions which enable them to manage and respond to incidents as they happen. These solutions are also effective in support of subsequent investigations and prosecutions with the help of powerful video analytics.  


A sign of the times…the ever-present threat of terror attack and increasing incidence in violent crime now demands more fit-for-purpose public transportation security

On-board video surveillance must now offer real-time monitoring and alerting as well as live, artificial intelligence-enabled, video analytics. Furthermore, with the advent of driverless trains, buses, and metros and fewer on-board staff, this much increased functionality is becoming an even more pressing requirement.


Simply providing video footage as documentary evidence ‘after the fact’ is no longer enough. However, all video streams must remain protected and only accessible by the appropriate authorities to avoid contravening personal privacy regulations: When it comes to data processing and storage, there has to be robust digital security and data protection built-in to all surveillance systems equipment.


Additionally, to make video surveillance protection work effectively at scale over modern transportation networks, the on-board technology and systems concerned need to be highly connected – to wayside and control room high-speed communications networks.



Embedded platform flexibility for system designers and integrators

Kontron is deeply involved in helping OEM and SI customers take advantage of the new fast-emerging ‘Transportation 3.0’ market opportunities. Key to this is our off-the-shelf TRACe™ EN50155-certified transportation computer family. It is IoT-ready and the small footprint and low-profile design optimises available space. Furthermore, with TRACe™ computers, Kontron has already demonstrated the reliability of its scalable hardware when it comes to connectivity, performance, digital security, and video analytics.


It’s therefore not so surprising that the new fanless Kontron TRACe™ V40x recoding platform with Genetec™ Security Center perfectly addresses current and emerging on-board public video surveillance requirements. The turnkey system is ready to go in a matter of minutes and is a perfect match for video surveillance projects of all sizes.


Kontron TRACe™ V40x recoding platform with Genetec™ Security Center

Designed for harsh environments this innovative solution is fully compatible with the latest available video technologies. Using Genetec™ Security Center unified with IP security platform provides all the support necessary: for a wide range of industry-leading IP cameras and CCTV equipment with industry-leading video analytics; integration with vehicle telematics and other onboard systems; plus data correlation and decision support. Crucially, this system allows first responders - the authorities or law enforcement agencies - to be alerted online with the situation and react accordingly from a single, trusted data source.


The platform will also unify operations over on-board rolling stock systems to wayside locations, thanks to features like automatic video transfers. This means thousands of cameras in fleets of trains, buses and metros can be simply controlled and monitored along with all equipment located in stations or depots. Information will be shared and actioned across entire fleets.


With exciting new developments such as these, can you risk leaving your passengers all alone on the wrong side of the tracks?    


For a closer look at Kontron’s video surveillance platforms for modern transportation applications visit


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