Kontron Announces its Participation at NVIDIA GTC



This week, NVIDIA is hosting a weeklong virtual event of brilliant, creative minds looking to build new skills and forge new connections. We are honored to be included. This unique event offers over 1,500 presentations focused around GPUs, edge computing, networking, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence that will attract 100,000 attendees worldwide.


As a recognized NVIDIA OEM partner, Kontron creates and builds platforms for AI applications that are only realized via data and computationally-intensive processes. NVIDIA GPUs carry out multitasking that is required to ensure extremely high performance in our embedded systems. We are committed to bringing further market knowledge on the value of hardware accelerators for situational awareness in autonomous vehicles, and signal processing in 5G mobile networks.


Via our sessions, we’re educating the masses on how our joint solutions help build and deploy GPU-accelerated 5G virtual Radio Access Networks (vRAN) 20 times faster than existing L1 processing solutions. Moreover, we’re sharing how GPU accelerators tackle the most intensive of tasks – deep learning.


How to drive autonomy and the communications edge forward

Edge computing is transforming the ability of how IoT (Internet of things) devices are able to process data. Its primary goal is to decrease network congestion and improve the performance of applications by getting task processing closer to the user. With the emergence of 5G, most use cases require tremendous computing power at the network edge which pushes industries to utilize edge computing as an efficient way to handle massive data volume explosions that are generated at immense speeds.


The optimal time to have a distributed model - including applications at the far Edge of the network - is when endpoint devices are able to leverage more and more data. Edge computing enables offloading of data to Clouds where it can be processed locally. Accelerators such as GPUs help bring innovation by unlocking new and exciting applications for Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Radio Access Network (RAN), Virtual Reality (VR), cloud gaming and more.


As more compute power goes to the Edge new challenges emerge including physical constraints and extreme temperatures. Working with NVIDIA, Kontron has designed rugged embedded solutions that meet the demands of the burgeoning 5G network to help solve these pain points while enabling savings on costs.


AI in heavy-duty equipment

In transportation, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suppliers of industrial equipment have a strong requirement for versatile, intelligent solutions that can be easily adjusted based on highly customized demand, yet can also survive in the most extreme of environments. The EvoTRAC S1901 in-vehicle platform is designed to accelerate the deployment of demanding applications for heavy-duty mobile machinery in construction, agriculture, trucking and mining industries.  https://www.kontron.com/products/systems/transportation-computers/in-vehicle/evotrac-s1901.html


In our session, we will explain how the new platform fills a transportation void by providing modular AI-optimized systems, designed to fuel GPU-accelerated applications from a compact, ruggedized form factor.


Making 5G RAN possible

Open RAN technology is opening up opportunities for telecommunication service providers who seek to leverage the principles of disaggregation using commodity hardware. The coupling results in faster deployments and significant reductions in CAPEX and OPEX. We have addressed industry pain points by introducing a series of carrier-grade commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers optimized for demanding telecommunication environments. In our telecommunication-focused session, we will introduce you to the newly released ME1210 distributed unit (DU), a converged platform ideal for remote locations and tight shelters at the base of a tower. You will also get a closer look at the never before seen outdoor version called the RS1210 which will be available in two IP65 variants to resist dust, water, ice and vibrations.




You can register for NVIDIA’s GTC event all week long. Once you are registered, you will have access to presentations from industry experts, market trendsetters and, world-class innovators. All of our sessions can be identified using the quick links below:


How to Accelerate the Deployment of Demanding Applications for Heavy-duty Mobile Machinery:  https://gtc21.event.nvidia.com/media/1_kglwbcow?ncid=ref-spo-72489   


Driving Autonomy and the Edge Forward in Complex Environments:  https://gtc21.event.nvidia.com/media/1_fae05hbz?ncid=ref-spo-72489  


Closing the Connectivity Gap in Remote Areas: 





There is still time to register! See you there!

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