Before APTA Expo: KONTRON presents video in contest 

This year’s APTA Expo promises to be an essential event in showcasing the innovative technologies needed to drive a revolution in rail transportation.  Helping to get attendees eager to see the advanced solutions exhibited, APTA Expo organizers are hosting a video contest.  Of course, we believe the Kontron video is definitely a “must see” for transportation industry professionals. Why? Because in it, we show the technology platforms that allow developers enhance rail operational performance allowing operators to realize the full potential of data usage. 


By harnessing the technologies behind driverless vehicles, Kontron is helping to drive the autonomous train evolution forward.  Already being tested in rail lines across the globe, the two enabling technology areas that will make autonomous development possible are the Internet of Things (IoT) and High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC). Kontron has been an innovator of IoT-based and HPEC computing modules, boards and integrated systems for years.  It is IoT-enabled onboard gateways that will be used for secure information transfers so this valuable data can be can be analyzed an acted upon.  And, it takes only one HPEC platform to deliver the performance necessary for autonomous operation, which goes a long way in helping to pave the way for new intelligent transportation business models.


Visiting Kontron’s booth, APTA Expo attendees won’t find a more comprehensive portfolio of proven transportation building blocks anywhere else at the show.  Our expanding TRACe™ product line is designed with future transportation requirements in mind.  It offers built-in IoT connectivity allowing rail system developers to meet the broadest range of modern, connected rolling-stock applications.  With TRACe, developers get easily customizable, EN50155-certified computer profiles that are specifically designed to satisfy rail system needs. And with feature-rich TRACe, capitalizing on new rolling stock application opportunities are possible.  From video surveillance, passenger infotainment/entertainment, onboard Wi-Fi, train, ground communications and fleet management to signaling, traffic and train control – all enabled by Kontron TRACe transportation platforms.


We invite you to view our video:


Our transportation technology experts would also like to impress you with the advanced technologies we’ve engineered that will help launch new solutions in mobility making way for the autonomous train revolution.  See us at the APTA Expo October 9-11 in Atlanta, Georgia, in the Kontron booth # 6323. 


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