VPX: Perplexity Removed

In the last 7 years the meaning of VPX could have been the VME Puzzling eXtension, since this promising standard included many technical pitfalls and computer architecture changes. Only the more wealthy and performance hungry customers could dare taking the perilous journey from the well-known VME and cPCI applications into the future proof, high performance  blade architecture.


During that time, Kontron has developed the most complete mix of services and product offering to help customers confidently develop and deploy with VPX.


Complete pre-qualified computer architectures such as StarVX have been developed thanks to joint development and qualification of high speed I/O in harsh environments (Managing 3rd gen High Data Rates on VPX Backplanes) with key PCIe vendors and backplane suppliers (http://rtcmagazine.com/articles/view/102941) .


With this confirmed know-how in VPX Kontron provides expert help into designing architectures, and is now helping more and more blade computer users to migrate away from legacy architecture.


And while some suppliers specialize only in luxurious high end systems, Kontron is leveraging years of expertise in VME and cPCI markets to offer VPX at the right cost, lowering the barriers to enter VPX for mid-sized businesses.


The following document describes some turn-key computers which help deploy quicker as well as most of the VPX building blocks deployed today by Kontron customers.


COTS, modular and rugged VPX Solutions by Kontron


For more information, please contact sales.KFR@kontron.com

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