In case of emergencies: Kontron's KISS Rackmount Systems in the Gotthard Base Tunnel


At 57 kilometers, the Gotthard Base Tunnel through the central Swiss Alps is the longest and, with a rock overburden of up to 2,450 meters, also the deepest underground railway tunnel in the world. If you add all the connecting and access tunnels as well as shafts, the entire tunnel system even measures around 152 kilometers.  The tunnel is a true masterpiece of engineering, but it goes without saying that even in such a sophisticated structure, provision must be made for emergencies.


The tunnel is equipped with control electronics and monitoring equipment connected to the Train Control Center via fibre optic cables. Over 70,000 data points and more than 200,000 sensors register every change and detect potentially dangerous incidents fully automatically. And deep under the Swiss mountains, our KISS rackmount systems also fulfil a function that is vital in case of an emergency: their robustness, availability and reliability guarantee the functionality of the Telematix emergency call system. The Kontron KISS 19" IPC serves as a hardware platform in the Telematix SXR node on which the software solutions for emergency call systems and public address systems can be based. The SXR-Node in turn integrates software solutions into existing communication networks, for example into standard fixed-line network telephony, ISDN or mobile radio.


Operational at all times - even under dense rock

The operational telecommunication system of the Swiss Telematix AG is specially designed to meet the needs of railway and other infrastructure operators as well as emergency call centers and supports its users in both everyday and critical situations. The heart of the Telematix communication systems is our KISS 19" industrial PC. With its robust features, it guarantees that the software functions perfectly at all times - even in a tunnel under dense rock, where temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius can quickly be reached without train operation.



// The industrial KISS Rackmount Systems are suitable for applications

with increased temperature conditions


Our industrial-grade KISS rackmount systems were developed specifically for such demanding, harsh environments and therefore work absolutely reliably even in the 57-kilometer-long Gotthard Base Tunnel. In addition to reliability, our KISS systems were also able to convince the Telematix managers regarding the longevity of its components. Efficient cooling systems, a maintenance-free design that can be adapted to customer requirements and the high graphics performance predestine the KISS systems for continuous and long-term use. Since emergency and public address systems are designed for a life cycle of at least 10 to 20 years, the longevity of a system is naturally an important criterion. For Telematix, Kontron offers the expected investment protection, assuring that both the size and the functions of the KISS systems will not be changed over the life cycle of 15 years guaranteed by Telematix. 


Proven solution

Kontron`s solution for Telematix is not being used for the first time in the Gotthard tunnel, but has already proven itself in many places. In particular, the fact that the comprehensive communication solution can be easily integrated or extended into an existing environment has already convinced many customers. Among the most notable customers are companies such as the Swiss Federal Roads Office (ASTRA), which was equipped with emergency call systems; the TCL Metro of Lyon, the S-Bahn Hamburg as well as 170 stations of the BLS Lötschbergbahn, the second largest railway operator in Switzerland.



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