Kontron supporting the post COVID-19 world where touchless interaction will be key.


In the current COVID-19 world where the wearing of masks, frequent hand-washing and social distancing have changed how we interact with people, it’s also changing how we interact with technology. From the surge of use for online meeting applications to the huge increases in contactless payments, keeping contact to a minimum has become one of the most successful ways to protect ourselves and our immediate family from infection. There seems to be little doubt that things will not be returning back to “normal” anytime soon so prevention through innovation is critical.


It is well known that Kontron is one of the world’s largest suppliers of embedded computing technology to many leading companies spanning markets from aviation, to communications, from IOT to arguably one of the most essential markets at this time; medical, and it gave me great sense of pride when I learnt that Kontron has developed a range of touchless temperature measurement and facial recognition devices to assist in the post COVID-19, contactless world.



The devices were created as demand for secure, safe and hygienic methods of interaction with technology increased, with key requirements being facial recognition, with and without a mask, along with a voice alert feature should a mask not be worn in an area where it is a requirement. The inclusion of Instant temperature measurement was also cited as a major requirement. 


Kontron developed two units, a 7” handheld unit together with a larger 10” handheld unit offering this functionality.


You can see the device in action in this short video here:



Whilst the handheld offered the features required there is always a drive for innovation and in what ways can a current product be improved. What else can I ask it to do? How can it help my business? With many questions like these directed at the team; Kontron produced a larger device offering the same facial and temperature recognition features but with the added features of a large 21.5” display, for use as digital signage plus the addition of a hand sanitiser dispenser.


The opportunities to deploy such a system to support hygiene, contactless instructions and directions, and the imparting of critical information are plentiful and bring a wealth of features that can not only be supported in many access and security applications but also with many health management platforms for integration in to big data systems.


Difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions, and we are certainly seeing both at this point in time.

For more information of the range of products discussed in this article please contact uksales@kontron.com

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