Medical Marvels with Embedded motherboards 


Embedded motherboards are at the heart of modern medical lab research and patient care systems – making the right choice is mission-critical


The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our lives needs no further introduction – neither do the heroic efforts of our doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in providing outstanding patient care. And consider as well the extraordinary progress that the global medical science community is making to combat the virus - supporting mass testing programs, discovering new drug treatments and developing effective vaccines.

Such challenges also highlight the critical part that medical and laboratory systems and equipment now play in so many areas of modern healthcare and medical science. In patient care applications such as CT, MRI and Endoscopy for enabling scanning and imaging; in laboratory automation and digitalized diagnostics applications and computer-controlled pipetting robots for increased speed and accuracy. 


But let’s not forget the amazing work of medical OEMs and systems integrators

These also strive tirelessly to innovate and deliver medical, laboratory and healthcare solutions on which so many patient care and research applications depend. In turn, they demand the very best embedded motherboards which are at the very heart of their medical imaging and automated laboratory and digitization equipment. More than ever, these must enable real-time processing, low power consumption, 24/7 reliability and strong graphics capability.


With so much at stake, the right choice of a medical motherboards provider is essential

An embedded manufacturer experienced in the specific needs of OEM medical equipment and systems integrators can greatly reduce project risk by offering purpose-designed products, optimized lifecycle and support, and flexible, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.


Longevity and stability are key factors as changes to motherboards must only be made when absolutely necessary to ensure the highest possible revision stability. If changes are necessary they have to be communicated early on as part of a strict lifecycle management process, typically within three to four years of a current product’s market introduction. With this, embedded PCs and components are often purposely designed as swappable replacements taking into account new developments and technology requirements.


Kontron has extended its medical motherboard portfolio with a range of “Designed by Fujitsu" products

In 2019 Kontron took over all responsibility for Fujitsu’s predominantly EMEA-based motherboard customers - many of which provide medical systems. Like all of Kontron’s medical embedded motherboard products, these are manufactured in Germany adhering to the highest quality standards.

The "Designed by Fujitsu" range offers cross-platform stability in layout design and therefore easier integration. This enables a family approach for optimized quality and reliability in operation. Many of these products have a lifecycle of at least six years plus an option for XLC extended lifecycle, offering an additional year lifecycle to facilitate, for example, transition to successor devices.


These motherboards are proven components of the medical and laboratory solutions required today and tomorrow


Schematic illustration of a CT


For instance in digital imaging-based applications, such as X-ray and CT scanning, where high processing performance is a must along with the flexibility to add powerful graphics cards for image grabbing and processing; in the laboratory for managing a wide cross-section of automated lab diagnostics and analysis applications - for example, controlling robots that collect reagents from probes and enable sample and data visualization on small screen displays; for Endoscopy, allowing camera images to be grabbed and freeze-framed while real-time image analysis is taking place.  


With the integration of Fujitsu’s EMEA motherboard business, Kontron has further consolidated its leading position as a global embedded boards and systems provider to world-leading medical systems OEMs. This ensures customers have extensive product choice, flexibility and stability. Our Technology Campus and Medical Competence Center in Augsburg, Germany combines the very best medical systems design and production expertise with state-of-the-art manufacturing.


So, when will you be ready for your next medical motherboards check?   


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