Reduce your product development efforts and stay technically up to date. The new Kontron SL i.MX8M Mini System-on-Module (SoM) opens up unique opportunities for you


The SoM SL i.MX8M Mini is a ready-to-use solution, thanks to the Linux Board Support Package and complete development environment included. It shortens the time from product development to market launch. A high performance processor, excellent memory equipment and power management are already integrated within a very small space. A new feature is that for the first time it is possible to implement the Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core operating system as an alternative to a Linux operating system. Benefit from the flexibility of the SL i.MX8M Mini! It can be easily adapted to different applications and individual customer requirements.


How expensive is the development of a product?

Nowadays, the intervals in which new products should be launched on the market are getting shorter and shorter. Customer requirements have to be taken into account and it is essential to stand out from the competition. Does your company meet these expectations?


Before introducing sustainable products, the first step is to come up with ideas - and development costs are usually high. The costs are essentially influenced by two factors; the development time and personnel costs.


In this context, a fully developed SoM module offers two main advantages: proven technology and top quality. This in turn means shorter development times and a lower development risk for you. Complex tasks such as sophisticated PIN multiplexing or DDR4 memory design have already been implemented. The use of a SoM module leads to a significant simplification of your customer-specific, complex board architecture. With the new SL i.MX8M Mini, we take a significant portion of the cost and work off your hands. 


How you can extend your lead over competitors

Reduce the time from idea to implementation and marketability and reduce your development risk. A shorter development cycle reduces your costs and frees valuable resources for other tasks. Standardized solutions such as the System-on-Module SL i.MX8M Mini offer proven technology combined with high flexibility. All components, such as the processor and graphics unit, RAM and program memory and a variety of communication interfaces are available on the SoM module. It is delivered pre-configured on request, including bootloader, operating system, predefined application and a MAC address. Of course, the SoM meets the highest security requirements with its current encryption technologies, Secure Boot and other security functions. It is the perfect building block for your new product developments. With the SL i.MX8M Mini, we are giving you the freedom you need to prepare for the requirements of tomorrow. 



Powerful, compact and cost-effective - the SL i.MX8M Mini supports you in developing innovative product ideas

The SL i.MX8M Mini, in combination with the Linux Board Support Package and a complete development environment, offers you an immediately deployable system. It can be used for various applications in different areas such as IoT / Industry 4.0, control and automation technology as well as HMI (Human-Machine-Interface). 


You can develop your own baseboard on the basis of the SoM module and we will be happy to advise you throughout the whole process. On request we will check your circuit diagram or layout. We can either develop the baseboard together with you or we can take over the complete development process for you. The decision is up to you and, among other things, obviously depends on your resources. Kontron also offers this service for its Computer-on-Modules: COM Express®, SMARC and Qseven. 


A combination of SoM and individual baseboard offers you exactly the functions you need, without any overhead. If Kontron takes over the development for you, you will receive the complete production documentation of your board after completion of the project. We are also happy to take over purchasing logistics, material procurement and production for you. Kontron guarantees the long-term availability of the module by replacing discontinued components. The high quality level is additionally ensured by a fully automated, robot-supported end-of-line test.


With the SoM SL i.MX8M Mini you remain competitive with other players on the market and create room for new ideas and innovations. The module offers you an optimal price-performance ratio and it reduces your development and product costs. 


In order to not leave any questions open, send us your inquiry now and we will inform you, simply and quickly.


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