Kontron Brings NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX Platform to Medical Device Companies

Earlier today, NVIDIA announced the Clara Holoscan MGX platform, a tightly integrated hardware and software AI platform targeted at accelerating the deployment of AI-enabled, software-defined medical devices. 


With the increasing number of artificial intelligence (AI) applications for medical devices, Kontron is actively working on developing application-ready solutions to meet the increased needs of the industry, which is striving to future proof their next generation of medical equipment.


Kontron will support the Clara Holoscan MGX platform, while adapting it as needed to a number of configurations, ensuring all OEM needs are met.


“Through this collaboration with Kontron, medical OEMs will have the opportunity to leverage our significant investment in MGX while taking advantage of Kontron’s extensive experience and flexible design capabilities,” said David Niewolny, Director of Healthcare Business Development at NVIDIA.



The Clara Holoscan MGX platform marks a significant addition to the lineup of NVIDIA products Kontron offers.

Kontron offers high-performance NVIDIA graphics cards, pre-qualified in various computing platforms, to help accelerate the design cycle of its medical customers. “We receive inquiries from our medical customers for NVIDIA technologies often, so extending our medical product portfolio with additional options from NVIDIA is a logical next step and we are really thrilled to be closely partnered with NVIDIA on their initiative. This new AI platform strengthens our medical toolbox,” says Maria Wilde, Product Manager Medical, Kontron America.

Kontron has decades of experience supporting the medical industry and currently offers its customers both standard and custom hardware products. These products are used in medical applications such as imaging, AI, surgical robotics and patient monitoring.


Kontron’s medical solutions are known for long lifecycles and well adapted to the needs of the medical industry with their complex agency approval requirements. Kontron’s revision control and wide-ranging logistic experience enable industry-leading reliable procurement chains that are committed to ensuring stable long-term revenue for its clients and partners.


To meet the needs of the medical device industry, the NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX software will come standard with long-term whole stack support for 10 years, as well as long-life sales and support for the NVIDIA-supplied hardware components, including NVIDIA Jetson Orin Industrial SoC and select discrete GPUs and Smart NIC components.


NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX is ideal for medical applications that require high-bandwidth I/O, real-time high-performance computing, AI inference, visualization, and advanced graphics. This includes surgical video applications such as endoscopy, laparoscopy, and arthroscopy, surgical robotics, surgical microscopy, ultrasound, X-ray fluoroscopy, radiation therapy, interventional imaging and treatment systems, and more.

Depending on the application and customer preference, Kontron can leverage key ingredients from the NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX platform, while customizing and complementing its hardware components as needed. This flexible approach offers a broad spectrum of solutions optimized for a specific context.


“We’re very excited that NVIDIA is embracing the long-life aspect that is necessary to satisfy the needs of the medical industry. This is a great opportunity for both companies and will prove to be very beneficial for our customers. At the end of the day, what it really comes down to is that we want to make sure our customers have access to reliable products over time in order to avoid costly and time-consuming re-certification of their products,” explains Wilde. Accelerated time-to-market and pre-certification as well as reliable lifecycle management are all major contributors to a smooth experience.


Kontron provides a predictable, well-established and high-quality experience by providing pre-qualified building blocks.


Kontron plans to continue on this path with NVIDIA to enable a new generation of purpose-built AI medical devices that will revolutionize the medical industry.


Kontron is looking to engage with industry pioneers seeking to advance medical markets using this new innovative platform focused on AI features for the medical markets. If you are interested in working with us and have identified requirements for a Kontron and NVIDIA solution, contact us, we would like to talk with you.


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