Flexibility and long-Term Availability: kontron kiss at voxeljet

New technological developments such as the Internet of Things (IoT) create unlimited possibilities for all market players and almost as exciting, present new challenges as well. Developers aim to quickly and efficiently build cost-efficient user interfaces and applications with a short time to market, all while managing the current heterogeneity and diversity of IoT devices; and vendors are working hard to create customizable IoT solutions for different use cases.


Artwork produced by one of voxeljet’s 3D printing systems (Source: voxeljet AG)

Take Kontron as an example: True to our position as an IoT leader, we have long been developing standard IoT solutions for various customers and markets. Our portfolio now includes modern, sustainable, and energy-efficient solutions that meet individual requirements and are scalable to adjust to growing needs and future innovations while concentrating on their core competencies. What is more, Kontron guarantees availability that goes far beyond the seven years usually offered in the sector.


Moving to Partnership

One of our current customers is voxeljet. Based in Friedberg, Bavaria, voxeljet is a leading manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems for the tool-less manufacture of molds and models for metal casting.  



voxeljet’s Topseller: The multifunctional printing system VX1000 (Source: voxeljet AG)

voxeljet had been successfully working with in-house developed solutions when a new product generation made necessary new control units for the 3D printing systems. The company wanted to use the opportunity to move to standard-based solutions in order to equip its printing systems with the most up-to-date technology. This move was a crucial factor for the quality of its products. Other key criteria were low installation depths of components, high levels of flexibility and scalability, as well as complete reliability to ensure industrial applicability.


From an Idea to the Industry: Kontron KISS at voxeljet

The Kontron Industrial Silent Server (KISS) systems prevailed against a rigorous selection process, standing out with with their high performance, storage capacity, optimized thermal design and low sound levels. Our partner Aaronn (from Puchheim near Munich) was chosen to complete the individual assembly. 
With our partners routinely storing a wide range of components, we were able to promise very short delivery times and emphasized Kontron’s commitment to long-term component availability.


Kontron KISS KTQ87 Series

Based on the platform provided by Kontron, Aaronn configured and tested the solutions according to the requirements discussed. Working closely with the voxeljet technology department, Aaronn experts were able to meet all of the individual needs. The deployed KISS systems are now used as central control elements in the printer families.

We are enthusiastic about equipping voxeljet, enabling an exciting future and look forward to what we hope will be a long and close partnership.

For more information on our cooperation with voxeljet, you can download the full story here. If you are interested in the KISS products, please visit: http://www.kontron.de/products/systems/rack-mount-systems

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