KINEXON implements intelligent navigation of driverless transport systems with Kontron products

Production and logistics processes are experiencing dynamic changes through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0. Automated production lines, robots and driverless vehicles are integral parts of the smart factory. In this environment, highly developed electronics, tailor-made applications and the know-how of clever developers are the prerequisites for practice-oriented solutions.


Networking and interaction are essential for smooth processes, especially when driverless vehicles are used. Munich-based KINEXON Industries GmbH has developed KINEXON Brain, an intelligent solution for such application scenarios based on an IoT gateway from Kontron's KBox family.


Sensor network for precise positioning

The core business of the Munich-based technology forge is the development of precision location and motion sensors. KINEXON's highly developed sensor network technology enables centimeter-precise positioning and motion detection of objects. Precise, scalable and intelligent. This increases process efficiency and makes industrial environments smarter.

KINEXON Brain is a recent development of the Munich specialists in the segment of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). Instead of ground markers, such as lines or magnetic strips, the KINEXON solution uses sensor-based positioning. This makes an AGV independent of most environmental conditions. The KINEXON Brain fuses several position sensors, which allows a much more accurate self-location. The solution is therefore predestined for installation in different vehicle types. These include industrial trucks, driverless transport systems and other vehicles used in general logistics or by production companies.

sensor-based positioning makes an AGV independent of most environmental conditions.



Compact and robust embedded solution in use

For KINEXON Brain, the Munich-based company relies on software implemented on an IoT gateway, the Kontron KBox A-Series. The components used include an embedded box PC with IoT functionalities as well as sensors for communication with the sensor network, the KINEXON Vehicle Tags. In addition, there is a fieldbus coupler for communication with external I/Os.


The Kontron products use KINEXON for its AGV solution because of their compactness, robustness, scalability and fanless operation. "The housing of the KBox is much better processed than comparable products," says Johannes Feldmaier, Product Manager AGV at KINEXON, “in addition, the arrangement of the interfaces is particularly practical. The price/performance ratio, the customer-oriented support and overall service have also convinced us.” It was also an important decision-making aid that Kontron has all the necessary certifications and was able to present a fully tested system confi- guration.


Flexible integration into different systems

Kontrons KBox offers KINEXON the necessary interfaces for its AGV solution and is also shock-resistant - an important criterion for use in a robust environment. Thanks to its compact design, Kontron's KBox is also suitable for integration into flat, autonomous industrial trucks. This is an important aspect, as the space available for such an AGV is usually very limited.


The advantages in summary:

  • The integration and fusion of different localization technologies, such as SLAM and UWB localization, ensure maximum robustness and offer the customer maximum flexibility.
  • By controlling all kinematics and integrating them smoothly into the products of numerous different AGV manufacturers, a variety of application scenarios can be realized.
  • The embedding of position data of other vehicles and manually operated devices allows a flexible and foresighted control with which logistics processes can be optimized.

compact design MAKES IT also suitable for integration into flat, autonomous industrial truckS



Leading AGV solution with Kontrons KBox

"By using Kontron's KBox, we have succeeded in implementing one of the leading AGV solutions for use in industrial environments within a very short time," concludes Johannes Feldmaier. "Thanks to the offered standards, the scalability and the available interfaces, KINEXON Brain can be easily integrated into the products of various vehicle manufacturers. This allows a large number of applications in various fields of application, for example in the field of intralogistics or in the future also in the service robotics area.”



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