Challenges of digital transformation


Guest article: elektronik industrie interviewed Norbert Hauser, Vice President Marketing at Kontron, about current megatrends – 5G, AI, IioT and the challenges of digital transformation, among other topics.



How can the current megatrends – 5G, AI, IioT, etc. – be translated into practical solutions?

Norbert Hauser: We are currently working with partners on various pilot projects, testing the practicality of combinations of these trends, e.g. IIoT via 5G. Our Telecom division is also engaged in the area of private 5G networks being primarily used in the wireless networking of production sites. In this way, we will also integrate topics such as AI into specific projects.


How do you solve the complexity and meet the challenges of digital transformation?

Norbert Hauser: From Kontron's point of view, a holistic approach like our SUSiEtec toolset is the key to success. By combining hardware, software and expertise from a single source, we can manage complexity and create individual solutions that can also be integrated into existing infrastructures and architectures.

How do you support medium-sized companies in particular in the implementation of end-to-end AI solutions in the ecosystem of the respective company?

Norbert Hauser: With EquipmentCloud, we offer a ready-made and scalable solution that supports aspects such as digital transformation and AI, but also the creation of digital business models for medium-sized machine and plant manufacturers in particular. Of course, we integrate our solutions into the existing infrastructure.


Are your customers already ready to fully embrace digitalization in their businesses, especially mid-sized companies?

Norbert Hauser: Many customers now see the need for digitalization. One of the main problems for the implementation in companies is often the lack of human resources. Accordingly, initiatives get bogged down in day-to-day business and the desired changes cannot be implemented promptly, so that competitiveness may be jeopardized.


How does SUSiEtec help developers implement AI applications? What impact does COM-HPC have on AI processes?

Norbert Hauser: Our SUSiEtec toolset provides developers with a solid functional base and a modern development environment, making it possible for projects to be implemented within short project timescales. Of course, our team also provides support during implementation and commissioning, if requested by the customer.


COM-HPC makes it possible to run even computationally and data-intensive AI processes for time-critical applications on site via powerful Edge clients and servers with the corresponding computing power and the required memory sizes and bandwidths.


Applications in the field of IoT, IIoT and Industry 4.0 are becoming increasingly complex. How can comprehensive security protection for embedded devices be implemented/guaranteed over the entire life cycle?

Norbert Hauser: Kontron develops all essential system components itself and can therefore offer stable life cycle management - an absolute prerequisite. Any security gaps that become known, e.g. in the BIOS, can be fixed in a targeted manner and rolled out in compliance with the agreed change processes.



You can read the second part of the interview with Norbert Hauser here in the blog next week.




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