Custom Product Design: Let Others Create What You are Thinking

After returning home from a two week trip in Europe I went with my family to one of our favorite hamburger stops for a big greasy cheeseburger. The food is always great and I can get most anything I want on my burger including a fried egg and pickles – my kids think this is disgusting. The reason I like to go there is because I can get a burger and customize it the way I want without a lot of hassle and without waiting any extra time.



Admittedly a hamburger is not an overly complex product to deliver, but what if you needed that same flexibility and customization on, say, a more complicated (and non-edible) solution like an embedded computer system. Yes, this is a tall leap from a hamburger to an embedded system but let’s face it, as some system manufacturers have commoditized their products, they have also taken away the element of customization and you basically take what’s available.

But what if you could get a solution that was neither too high performance or too pricey nor underpowered and inadequate? – a system that met your specification requirements and your cost target as well? You probably would say “Hey, I got the most for my money.

At Kontron we offer just such a service so that you get the most for your money by taking one of our many standard products and modifying to meet your needs- in essence creating a Modified Standard or MoSt for short. These MoSt systems are not simple solutions but rather highly configurable, secure connected IoT ready platforms on which you can base your solution whether at the core or edge of your infrastructure. And our services do not stop at the hardware level. In addition, our customers benefit from a wide range of software and support services as well as diverse training opportunities.

Custom Product Design: Why not Benefit from the Experience of Others?

With our design experience, we develop the designs and provide the services that our customers need to realize their custom product including individual logistic concepts, i.e. packaging and shipment. As we gained depth technological know-how in diverse markets from communication, government, industrial automation, energy, transportation, medical and infotainment our customers can benefit from proven building-blocks and approved processes in development, project management and cycle management.

So a custom product will not only meet design specification, but can also be certified in accordance to the relevant standards in each market. Simply put, the application expertise of our costumers coupled with our engineering knowledge and proven reference designs eliminates the need to invest many expensive hours and resources designing an application from scratch.

And don’t Forget the Project Management…

As a global company, we have knowledgeable teams and specialists worldwide to support our customers in their region. A special assigned project manager guides through the life cycle of a custom product by means of a precise project plan: Design, Specification, Implementation, Verification and Validation. In addition to the design and development the project manager also takes care of the global supply chain, including the procurement of cost-effective quality components, as well as, the material management and the supplier qualification to manufacturing and global logistics concepts.

During the production phase, continuous optimizations, and if necessary, change management are in focus. Each design project follows clear DfX and DtX standards and a precise gate process including continuous reviews. Each gate is finished by a defined test process – such as electronic simulation, thermal simulation, electronic design, mechanical design – ensuring high-functionality and high-quality of every product.

So what about you? Are you already getting the MoSt for your money?

Thank you!

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