​A Vision of Success: Kontron’s integration of Fujitsu's industrial motherboard business is already bearing fruit   


Every picture tells a story. The new graphics-rich AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 / R1000 based D3713-V/R mini-ITX motherboard from Kontron is a perfect example. 


This is one of several new motherboard models Kontron has launched since the company began integrating Fujitsu’s industrial motherboard business last year. 


Delivering industry leading graphics performance, the AMD processors offer highly competitive price/performance ratios - ideal for kiosk, infotainment, digital signage and professional gaming systems, or medical displays, Thin Clients and industrial PCs. With a TDP that currently ranges from 12-54 watts, the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 and R1000 series is also extremely scalable from completely passively cooled motherboards to systems with cooling solutions offered as validated accessories. Individual motherboard designs are also possible and, as always, motherboards can be provided as system designs based on Kontron’s SMARTCASE™ chassis kits. 


It’s been business as usual with no changes or disruption to service 

Kontron has taken over responsibility for Fujitsu’s predominantly EMEA-based motherboard customers who specialize primarily in casino gaming systems, medical displays, Thin Clients and industrial PCs. 


The complex integration of the motherboard business is running smoothly at full speed. The first motherboard models were successfully relocated to Kontron at the end of 2019. Further additions have followed since then. At the same time, various new products have been developed and launched. 


For Fujitsu’s loyal long-standing customers it will be good to know that long-term supply, technical support, repair service and continuation of the product portfolio are in such safe and professional hands. Furthermore, Peter Hoser, former Director of Mainboard Sales at Fujitsu has been appointed as Vice President and Head of Product Center Boards at Kontron. In fact, Kontron has employed many former Fujitsu employees with skills in key areas such as R&D and product management, marketing, production, sales and support. All of this ensures that customers and partners are able to keep their trusted contacts. 


The next steps will be the integration of development and the relocation of motherboard production 

It’s only a 65km distance between Fujitsu’s motherboard manufacturing base in Augsburg and Kontron’s manufacturing partner KATEK, also in Bavaria. Easy enough perhaps under normal circumstances but one might easily assume they may as well be light years apart when planning to move an entire manufacturing operation! However, we‘re talking about Kontron, a pioneer and trail blazer with a proven pedigree of going the extra mile - especially when it comes to finding solutions to challenges that others might consider unsurmountable.


Made in Germany quality ensures customers’ peace of mind 

The new D3713-V/R mITX signals the start of a whole new era for quality motherboards 'designed & manufactured in Germany', allowing former Fujitsu customers to have absolute confidence and peace of mind.


As a leading global embedded computing provider, Kontron provides innovations  since more than 35 years 

Customers will continue to benefit from short delivery times, low transport costs, and competent technical support directly from the manufacturer in all areas. Furthermore, similar to Fujitsu, Kontron offers motherboards with lifecycles well in excess of three to five years.  


At the same time all customers will continue to enjoy the considerable benefits of German design, material and manufacturing quality. This is something that our overseas competitors just cannot match. In production, for example, Kontron implements processes that our market competitors tend to avoid: 100% automatic optical inspection (AOI), electrical in-circuit tests with needle adapters, final function tests, and final visual inspection. 


As a system manufacturer, Kontron understands what the customer needs 

This concerns design-in, production, as well as the marketing of the whole solution. Compared to the competition, there‘s significant emphasis placed on the scope and content of technical documentation, not to mention the additional information provided and the highly competent technical support available; directly from the manufacturer with experts in hardware, BIOS development and production always on hand.


Furthermore, overall changes to products are only made when absolutely necessary, ensuring the highest possible revision stability. If changes are necessary they are communicated to customers at an early stage via a strict lifecycle management process. Something that Asian competitors and manufacturers of conventional desktop motherboards tend to overlook. 


With such added value on offer, plus the first fruits of Kontron’s integration of Fujitsu industrial motherboards already blossoming, what’s not to like?


Visit www.Kontron.com/products/boards-and-standard-form-factors/motherboards to find out more about Kontron’s industrial motherboard solutions including the new AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000/R1000 processor-based Kontron D3713-V/R mITX. 



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