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Our motherboard range just got even better

Necessity as they say is the mother of all invention. None more so than with motherboards. Which is why Kontron has stepped up with its first ever server-class motherboard.


Kontron have some pretty tough cookies out there already. What’s the deal?

It’s a no-brainer. Computers are being deployed on an unprecedented scale on factory floor assembly lines and in machinery for automation, inspection and predictive maintenance purposes. And for enabling game-changing applications in power plants, oil and gas fields, wind and solar farms, healthcare, transportation, agriculture…and of course, anything where AI is involved.


These all need massive compute performance and often with the ruggedness to withstand harsh surrounding conditions like vibration, heat, cold, water and dust ingress. We’re talking workloads associated with data acquisition, cloud computing, the control of weapons and communications systems, and much more. Along with super-powerful processing, this also calls for turbo charged data transmission and generous high speed connectivity options.


Crucially, all of the above have to be contained within a small form factor due to stringent space constraints.     

This is where a motherboard of the caliber of Kontron’s new server-class small-form factor solution will make a real difference. Imaging applications will be a huge beneficiary. In both Medical - surgery, imaging, robotic surgery, etc - and Industrial arenas. For example, optical/visual inspection and comparison, process management, and enhanced surveillance. Military and other applications, such as DNA sequencing and pharmaceutical processes will be others as these require huge amounts of processing power.


Meet the new Kontron K9051 ATX

It’s paired with the Intel® C741 chipset and supports Intel® 4th/5th Gen Intel® Xeon® scalable processors with up to 64 cores. That’s like having 64 computers on one chip! Add the ability to support up to 768G bytes of RAM with 8-indepentent channels and you have the processing power of supercomputers and more on a single board – all in a small space envelope!


All of this means, compared to a typical desktop or embedded motherboard, our new server-class K9051 ATX has the muscle to handle exceptionally high performance computational workloads in resource-intensive applications. Suffice to say, along with the processing power it has the storage, I/O and high-speed Ethernet connectivity credentials to match. Essential for sharing files and other resources with multiple interconnected computers all at once.


If you’re still tackling increasingly demanding high performance applications like these without a server-class motherboard in your armoury, just how much longer can you afford to be without one? Find out more at www.kontron/com...

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