XXL industrial monitors: the central eye for modern production

Today, production processes are already significantly influenced by Industry 4.0 and "Smart Factory". The cycle rates in the production processes are getting shorter. Customers want their products promptly and in the highest quality. A challenge for man and machine.


The smallest disruptions in the production process can have fatal consequences, right up to a complete shutdown of the entire production. Not kept delivery promises do not only annoy the customer, but often also entail high contract penalties. Added to this is the loss of reputation. In many manufacturing plants, therefore, industrial monitors are located in the different sub-sections of the manufacturing process, on which the data of the production servers are visually displayed. At a glance, the skilled workers can see whether everything is in flow or whether there are problems that need to be reacted to quickly, in order not to interrupt operations.


Overall overview creates transparency

On a conventional industrial display, however, the range that can be visually displayed is relatively limited. A comprehensive overview of an entire production line is usually not possible. Kontron's new large-format industrial monitors provide a remedy. The FlatView Monitor series and Panel PCs of the FlatClient series are now also available in an XXL version. They can be positioned in a central position and thus provide a comprehensive overview of each individual section of a production line. All information is clear and legible due to the screen size and high resolution - an option that smaller monitors do not offer. In upstream and downstream sections, skilled workers can also quickly identify where a problem occurs and may pose a threat to their work area. Alarm functions enable flexible reaction to faults and thus possibly prevent a production stop.


The display on the large screen also improves and accelerates communication between the employees working in production. Since each individual employee has an eye on the workstation of his or her colleague, a team can react more easily and quickly to problems, for example. A glance at the large monitor also shows the planned schedule of a team for a production order, displays the current status centrally and clearly shows deviations for all participants. Since all the data from a process flow in, possible trends can also be identified and enable the working group to react quickly.


The rugged units are available with screen diagonals from 32" to 75" and can be configured in a variety of ways to suit individual needs.  Inexpensive variants already offer Full-HD (1080p) resolution. For environments where the highest image quality is required, Ultra-HD resolution (4k) is also available as an alternative.


Robust and insensitive

Industrial monitors must of course be robust and as insensitive as possible to a variety of external influences. The device design of the XXL models, including the selection of components, has therefore been optimized for durability and long-term availability. This ensures smooth operation around the clock. For the housings of both product families, Kontron relies on metal instead of plastic. A VESA fixing enables free-standing operation, alternatively the devices can also be hung on ring loops. The metal housing guarantees the high mechanical stability of FlatClient XXL and FlatView XXL devices. In addition, the robust housing protects against spray water and dust deposits in accordance with the IP54 standard.


The Kontron FlatClient XXL Panel PC family is divided into two different product lines: The ECO Line relies on Intel® Celeron® or Intel® Pentium® Quad-Core processors, while the PRO Line uses Intel® Core™ i5 CPUs. Like the FlatClient XXL Panel PCs, the FlatView XXL industrial monitors are also available with or without touchscreen.


On the way to a paperless factory

XXL industrial monitors not only help to transparently display the data of entire production lines. They are also suitable for numerous other areas of application in the manufacturing environment of various industries. For example, production hall leaders can check the availability of individual assembly workstations. On the large monitor, the supervisor can see at a glance whether all relevant individual parts or tools are available in one place. If this is not the case, appropriate actions can be taken to ensure that processes do not come to a standstill and that the production process is run through, at any point in the production chain without delay.


Large monitors also support the trend towards a paperless factory. All instructions and documents for a specific production order can be displayed centrally and visible to all. Design drawings are also more vivid on an XXL monitor than on a smaller device. The same applies to information on the configuration and assembly of products. The central monitor displays the most up-to-date and consistent data for all parties involved. This virtually eliminates faulty processes. Since all data is provided from the central server, consistency and up-to-dateness are guaranteed. Outdated paper templates are a thing of the past.


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