The Digital Oil Field – Times are changing

I grew up with my Dad working as a company man for Diamond Shamrock and one of my first jobs was roughnecking off the coast of Louisiana.  It was a good job that offered hard dangerous work for good pay.  After more than two decades in the embedded computing industry I find myself amazed by the advances that have taken place during my time on-shore. ‘The internet of things’ has reached the oil rigs and ‘The Digital Oilfield’ is influencing the way we think about design and development of embedded products. Remote drilling sites have become part of our connected world and the use of advanced end-points is rapidly increasing. Times are changing and I’m pleased to see the environment on the Oil Rigs getting both safer and more efficient with the help of advanced computing technology and connected solutions.

The process of extracting oil produces large amounts of data and the demand for embedded computers is rapidly increasing as a larger portion of the processes and equipment are being connected. End points in the form of high end, rugged computers are designed with the connectivity and security options required to connect equipment at drilling sites across the globe and enabling remote access to critical data. The Oil & Gas industry has changed tremendously, much due to the introduction of computers and sensors that monitor & control the equipment and process the collected data. The biggest challenges for us as a provider of embedded systems for the Oil & Gas industry are conditions ranging from the Arctic to desert and the products being subject to rough handling and dusty surroundings.  Kontron’s rugged Rackmount servers and custom HMIs are together with our recently launched maintenance free Box PC family targeted to these extreme environments.

Embedded computers in the Oil & Gas industry are being used for field data acquisition, as control & monitoring systems and for data storage. These products help create a safer and more productive environment by connecting field staff with world-renowned experts that can make decision based on the evaluation of easy accessible, real-time data.

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