What about you?

As I was driving into work the other morning it occurred to me just how much technology surrounds us but that we take for granted that it should always be there. Cars now have everything from satellite connectivity to proximity safety sensors to even automatic parallel parking – where was this feature when I needed it trying to park in Isla Vista at UC Santa Barbara?!   In my car I am at the edge of a mobile network, but the infrastructure to back haul the data through the myriad of wired and wireless connections through servers and now to an ethereal cloud is pretty staggering.

I live, eat and breathe technology every day so I shouldn’t be so surprised at the enormity of this ecosystem but yet there are integral elements to enabling this connectivity which also require security and different levels of manageability – usually from remote locations. So as I contemplate these macro concepts I attempt to distill them into tangible, useful features for the next module product I am dreaming up – how many LAN controllers does the product need? Bandwidth? What about I/O connectivity to third party content? Will developers want Linux or Windows? What about power consumption – cooling  all of which need to work harmoniously and in a module that is no bigger than a credit card…and at a price that will represent value to the application and not just a cost element.

What about you? What are your concerns for your next application?

Thank you!

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