When is ubiquitous connectivity becoming reality?  

For anyone who use public transport, such as trains, buses, planes or ferries, to get to and from work, having a reliable internet connectivity while on the move is highly desirable but quite challenging. Even with widespread cellular coverage in major cities, connectivity can vary significantly as we move in and out of tunnels or away from cell towers. I experienced this recently while on the move and participating in a web meeting.

Ubiquitous connectivity is slowly becoming a reality as innovative companies use cutting edge technologies to enable wireless (WiFi and Cellular) data services and seamless transition from one mode of transport to another. Imagine a scenario where you start streaming a movie or watching your favorite sporting event live on your WiFi connection at home and continue watching it as you board a bus or train by automatically connecting to on-board WiFi service that is associated with your Transit Pass account for a seamless customer experience!

Kontron, a global leader in embedded systems and solutions, is actively working towards this scenario by partnering with various ecosystem partners and developing complete end-to-end solutions. Konton already provides many of the solution components, such as Internet & WiFi Access Points and infotainment systems for commercial airlines, trains and buses. Additional information on these systems and solutions can be found at http://www.kontron.com/industries/transportation

Have you had similar experiences? Would love to hear your thoughts on what would make your life on the move easier!

Thank you!

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