Retail Connected: Smart Mirrors and Virtual Car Showrooms

Isn’t this a Ladies dream: digital wardrobe and smart mirrors?! While I was in College, one of my classmates recreated the outfit management software from the movie Clueless, a 90s cult classic, as a class project. The concept shown in the film was many women’s dream closet, a digital wardrobe where the user could mix and match different outfits and automatically get the items delivered to the closed door. When the movie Clueless hit the theatres, the concept of a virtual wardrobe was so far beyond practical it garnered laughs.


The new smart mirror enables customers to try on different items and review and compare the outfits on the mirror itself

A decade later however, the emerging ‘Internet of Things’ is finally reaching the retail space, and all the women dreaming about the perfect closet are one step closer to achieving their goal with. With sensors tracking the movement of shoppers and merchandise, Digital Signs targeting specific groups of people and smart mirrors reaching the market shopping is made smarter and hopefully more rewarding. The new ‘smart mirrors enables customers to try on different items and review and compare the outfits on the mirror itself, allowing the customer to view the outfit from every angle. In the future we’ll have access to virtual fitting rooms, allowing customers to try on different items and pair them with accessories without the items being physically present. Retailers avoid stocking every product locally at each storefront location not only reduces inventory costs, but also creating up sell opportunities. The product, stored remotely gets delivered straight to the customer. New technology and the ‘Internet of Things’ reaching the Retail Space paves the way for an improved customer experience and increased sales through personalized advertisement and improved customer service. It can also create a more optimized space at attractive locations and more accessible storefronts.


Or what about composing your dream car in a Virtual Showroom?

While the digital signage Smart Mirror may be some woman’s dream come true, the engineer in me is more fascinated by car manufacturers using digital signage in their showrooms. Virtual car showrooms are opening up around the world, where customers can visit the showroom and configure their car while their selection is being displayed in 3D on a large wall. Selection of colors and fabrics will be made from samples and the experience of seeing the finished product as close to reality as it gets. The rapidly increasing number of In store devices such as smart mirrorssensorsdigital signage, point-of-sale (POS) and point-of-interest (POI) terminal has created a need for maintenance free Gateways with high processing power as well as high resolution solutions for digital signage.



Would you enjoy creating your new car in a digital showroom? Is this development of digital signage exciting for you? Are you looking forward to making this experience? Share your thoughts and visions on this subject with me.

Thank you!

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