How Kontron Ran Platforms help close the connectivity gap in remote areas



The telco market is becoming a place where multitudes of players are leveraging the principles of dissagregation. Lowering the barrier for new disruptive technologies to come in and positively impact the closed proprietary mindset of the past is what the telco industry needs to build networks of the future, and it begins with radio access networks (RAN) technology.


What is OpenRAN technology and why is it important?

It is the standardization and openness of radio access network architecture that allows for multi-vendor hardware and software interoperability. This is based on open interfaces between the core and access network that enable the interconnection of COTS hardware and open source software elements from different suppliers.

OpenRAN opens up opportunities for mobile operators to leverage multi-vendor offerings and customize their networks based on their own use case requirements. This newfound freedom makes it easier for operators to introduce new and innovative services.


Easing vendor lock-in which restricts innovation

With the help of OpenRAN, operators are moving away from closed, proprietary architectures, into an open market of “best-of-breed” system designs. Open architecture is essential and results in faster deployments and significant reductions in CAPEX and OPEX. Open interfaces means any vendor software can work with COTS-based hardware. Easing the entry of new vendors into the market gives them more opportunities to facilitate mobile network deployments, particularly around 5G.


Our contributions to the TIP community 

Kontron is an active member of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) OpenRAN Project Group and is committed to evolving RAN worldwide alongside other leading industry players. Based on open interfaces and community-based standards, the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) has created a global ecosystem where hardware and software vendors work together seamlessly, contrary to the proprietary architectures of the past.

The goal of TIP’s OpenRAN Project Group is to build disaggregated, interoperable, flexible and cost-effective 5G network solutions for telcos and other connectivity stakeholders. TIP’s OpenRAN momentum is driven by operator trials and deployments across rural and urban environments, and Kontron’s edge platforms are currently being used to run field trials across various industries.


Closing the connectivity gap in remote areas

We’re addressing industry pain points by helping operators deploy complex applications at the network edge with our new ME1210 and RS1210 Series of mobile edge Xeon-D servers. This robust portfolio of disaggregated telecom infrastructure solutions is disrupting the industry by simplifying the deployment of telecom and 5G services in remote areas. These ruggedized, high-performance platforms are optimized for demanding environments (IP65), support a wide temperature range and designed to fit in base stations, on antennas, towers, poles and other remote locations.


With 5G technology creating opportunities for service providers to define what they need and what is most important, Kontron has built customer-centric platforms that provide the foundation to make 5G RAN possible.


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