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An interesting by-product of the COVID-19 virus is panic buying, and we don't mean toilet paper. While everyone is working from home, there are massive new demands on internet service providers (ISP), especially those that deliver to the consumer marketplace. There has never been more pressure on service providers to provide high-quality, video-based content over the last mile from movies, video conferencing, and mobile streaming. In a recent discussion with a friend from Cisco, he stated the internet is stretched to a near breaking point at the top of every hour when users log into their various web conferencing systems. Capacity challenges are partially forcing service providers, and ISPs to panic buy additional hardware capacity to support these new realities.  


At Kontron, we have seen a significant revenue uptick from our media customers for three different reasons:


1. Capacity Support - the need to expand capacity at all points within their networks from the core to the edge


2. Supply Chain Visibility - with recent global supply chain disruptions, service providers are reevaluating where their components and parts originate from a manufacturing and assembly perspective 


3. Future-Proofing - Ensuring they have enough capacity to future-proof their network infrastructure in the event of another global catastrophe


Kontron provides media and infrastructure servers that help some of the largest service providers to deliver high-quality and reliable services. From carrier-grade data center solutions to media streaming and transcoding servers, to ruggedized edge computing hardware to ensure service reliability and quality to their customers. We remain committed to helping our customers support their customers. While it's tough out there right now, Kontron and our service provider customers are doing everything possible to help ensure high-quality video and communications services to all.

If you'd like to learn more about Kontron's media and edge solutions, please feel free to contact us at communications@kontron.com


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