Can connectivity really replace real networking?

This week I was at EE Live in San Jose CA – the West coast’s version of one of the more preeminent embedded computing technology events  where the latest and greatest in technology is showcased here in  Silicon Valley. The Internet of Things or IoT was the predominant  theme for the show which emphasizes the broad connectivity of all of the mobile devices of the attendees and the applications these devices are running. While many of these devices and apps may be supporting data analytics or remote data processing – let’s face it – much of this connectivity keeps us in touch with each other. The real networking is all about making and renewing personal connections with industry colleagues and long-time friends. These human network connections are not based on IP addresses or URL links – but good old fashioned handshakes and hugs which carry significantly more value when compared with an email, text message or snap-chat – methods that we have all come to depend on.

In the last couple of days I have met with long time industry friends with whom I have “grown-up” within the industry as we have experienced the progression of technology from its infancy to where we are today – hangin’ out in the cloud. While our network of ecosystem partners has expanded via social media and virtual connections – these cannot replace the value of a face to face meeting in which eye contact and verbal, communication outweighs even the most sincere of electronic exchanges. How about you? When was the last time you actually made physical/verbal contact with that person who has been your champion in past years – don’t delay – reach out and renew the connection  – it is worth the effort and will produce much beyond your next emoticon!

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