Behind the Scenes: Kontron Connectivity Solutions at MWC 2024

Kontron was thrilled to participate in Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC), our largest communications and connectivity show of the year. Held in Barcelona, Spain once again, Kontron experts were present to discuss how our rugged edge platforms can make deploying private networks in harsh environments, easier.


MWC has always brought the trends shaping the future of mobile communications to the forefront. What was different this year however was the considerable focus on private networks as a pivotal factor in advancing industrial operations by providing seamless connectivity.


Kontron at Mobile World Congress

In speaking with many attendees worldwide, we learned that private networks are deemed more suitable for meeting the specific requirements and challenges posed by Industry 4.0 applications, rather than Wi-Fi. In addition, we got to witness the impending rise of 5G presenting new avenues for enhanced communications and we’re happy that we could showcase solutions providing robust, reliable, and secure wireless connectivity for organizations going through a digital transformation. 


It was the perfect place for us to demonstrate how our hardware and software solutions can be tailored to meet the challenges of connectivity anywhere. We had many conversations about being able to navigate the complex landscape of Industry 4.0 and beyond. Organizations that deploy private networks need reliability, security, and adaptability from vendors like Kontron to be able to carry out their digital transformation initiatives, across various sectors, without having to change everything.


Discussions on connectivity challenges and needs

Attendees that spoke to us about extreme and isolated settings explained their highest priorities, which include low-latency communication, reliability, and enhanced control over their data. Whether in the depths of the ocean, soaring through the skies, or navigating challenging terrains, private networks play a vital role in maintaining communication and data exchange and customers need platforms that can last in these environments.


After countless discussions, it is evident that in many industries, businesses face critical decisions. The need for always-on connectivity is more pressing than ever, with each sector facing unique challenges and requirements. Many MWC-goers explained the need for reliability and stability of LTE/5G networks enhancing the lifespan of industrial machinery while reducing maintenance costs.


Some of the questions asked were how does one navigate through the options to determine edge solutions best suited for the organization? Is it a singular reliance on 5G, an allegiance to the stability of LTE, or a strategic blend to capitalize on the strengths of each?


How we can help

MWC 2024 attendees were intrigued by the versatility of our rugged edge platforms, allowing them to adapt to a variety of connectivity technologies. In environments where 5G networks are available, they learned how Kontron platforms can leverage the high data speeds and low latency offered by 5G technology. In areas with established LTE infrastructure, or for applications where the advantages of 5G are not critical, Kontron solutions can support LTE as a more suitable option. There were also organizations that opted for a hybrid approach, utilizing both 5G and LTE to ensure connectivity resilience in their operational scenarios. 


No deployment is too complex, or too far

They were impressed by the durability of each of our systems, built to sustain connectivity in the harshest environments. It was interesting to dig deeper into their operational challenges across various industries needing solutions on-the-ground, in the air and even on water.



A utility company spoke about the need for a reliable solution to monitor and control its distributed infrastructure in remote and challenging terrains. The rugged design of the RS1310 is well-suited for the harsh environmental conditions prevalent in remote utility sites and can be pole or wall-mounted outdoors, addressing operational challenges related to connectivity, extreme temperatures, and the need for secure data transmission.


They were able to see how the platform’s remote monitoring and management capabilities can enable administrators to efficiently oversee operations, troubleshoot issues, and implement updates without the need for physical presence, optimizing the overall efficiency and reliability of the utility infrastructure.



We discussed issues within the railway sector and the demand for real-time data communication for ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations. Kontron’s robust ME1210 edge platform can provide the necessary connectivity infrastructure to facilitate communication between trains, trackside systems, and central control centers. This connectivity is crucial for tasks such as real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and optimizing train schedules.



In avionics, where safety and reliability are paramount, several attendees saw how our Ace Flight™ 4783 plays an important role in enabling secure and seamless communication. They mentioned the need for constant connectivity for in-flight entertainment, navigation, communication with air traffic control, and monitoring critical systems. Our platform, integrated with dual satellite modem cards and RF switch, ensures that these communication processes are not only continuous but also secure, meeting the stringent requirements of the aviation industry.



We had people from the maritime industry stop by to learn more about our flexible edge platforms like the high-availability CG2400 or the RS1310 designed for outdoor deployments. They walked away knowing how these robust connectivity solutions for vessels at sea can facilitate communication for navigation, weather monitoring, and coordination with port authorities. 



Operations in defense often take place in remote locations, harsh terrains, and unpredictable conditions. We showed visitors how the Cobalt™ S1901 provides the necessary connectivity for communication, data processing, and real-time decision-making in the field. Whether in reconnaissance missions, command and control centers, or deployed vehicles, having flexible edge platforms ensures that defense systems can maintain connectivity even in dynamic environments, contributing to the efficiency and security of military operations.


The private network landscape

LTE has long been the go-to technology for private networks, providing a stable foundation for industrial connectivity. However, the dawn of 5G has added a new layer of possibilities, promising lower latency, higher speeds, and increased capacities. 


We noticed that as industries evolve and embrace the digital transformation, the adoption of 5G in private networks becomes a strategic move, unlocking the potential for enhanced productivity, efficiency, and innovation across diverse sectors. There’s a definite synergy between LTE's reliability and 5G's advanced capabilities that empowers industries to leverage the best of both worlds, ensuring a seamless and future-ready connectivity landscape.


Takeaway from the event

A key takeaway from this year’s MWC was that many different industries experience the same challenges. They all need systems flexible enough to integrate into their existing infrastructures that are rugged and can withstand extreme environmental conditions. Whether optimizing LTE networks or harnessing the potential of 5G, Kontron's hardware and software solutions offer a versatile and future-proof approach. 


Our expertise ensures that LTE networks are fine-tuned for maximum efficiency, providing a reliable foundation for private networks. Our platforms seamlessly integrate with 5G networks, enabling businesses to embrace the future of connectivity with lower latency, higher speeds, and enhanced capacities. Optimized for any technology that comes next, our platforms serve as the backbone for reliable, secure, and continuous communication, maintaining connectivity regardless of complexity or environment.


If you’d like to learn more about what Kontron demonstrated at MWC, don‘t hesitate to reach out to us at  

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