SUSiEtec Workforce supports service teams on their way to digitalisation



Customer satisfaction is a central building block for the success of a company. This statement is just as valid in the industrial environment as it is in all other segments of the economy - whether in the B2B or B2C sector. Satisfied customers come back and recommend a provider to others. For this to happen, however, the cornerstones have to be the right ones. These range from good advice to high-quality products and service. But it is precisely the latter that is often lacking. `Service wastelands´ still partly determine the reality here.


In the course of digital transformation, service is of decisive importance in the industrial environment, though. Continuous processes require a functioning infrastructure and the smooth interaction of all components. Only in this way can Industry 4.0 be used productively. Kontron's holistic SUSiEtec platform is the optimal toolset for implementing future-oriented industrial environments.


Industry 4.0 is a challenge for service technicians


The platform's numerous modules include SUSiEtec Workforce, a solution for service in the digital age. Increasingly complex machines and applications present service technicians with major challenges. The knowledge of functionality and fields of application must be permanently up to date so that a service team can help the customer quickly and in a goal-oriented manner. This applies to maintenance as well as to necessary repairs. Technical knowledge and access to process information must be available in real time so that high-quality problem solving can take place. The use of artificial intelligence (AI/AI) can help automate service routines and establish predictive maintenance. Mobile service solutions fit seamlessly into the portfolio as an "as-a-service" option.


The age of digitalisation is being ushered in in the service sector


SUSiEtec Workforce supports companies in digitising their service organisations. This facilitates the provision of customer-oriented services that are geared to the individual needs of a company and its infrastructure. SUSiEtec Workforce is an open and flexible platform that combines proprietary technologies with industry-wide standards. It can be integrated into existing systems and any business environment. In doing so, the Kontron solution acts as flexible, scalable IoT middleware between devices, existing business environments and the cloud.


SUSiEtec Workforce offers full integration with ECT (Embedded Computing Technology) gateways and the server hardware. The solution translates protocols, filters data and ensures that it is processed in accordance with the process. High security features enable end-to-end security from the edge device to the cloud. Customisable dashboards increase transparency, making the service teams within the respective company fit for the future in the IoT environment.


Is your service team already fit for the digital requirements of IoT and Industry 4.0?


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