SUSiEtec Equipment Cloud®: Professional Customer Service now from one Cloud

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are now part of everyday life in many industries. Equipment that operates according to the principles of Industry 4.0 has established itself in the industrial environment worldwide. Leading analysts agree: the market for Industry 4.0 and IoT will continue to grow unabated in the coming years. Experts expect annual growth of 31% for machines that will be connected via the internet by 2025. However, Industry 4.0 requires professional integration of different components. This is the only way to harness synergies and build new value chains.


Service for machine fleets comes from the cloud


With the SUSiEtec Toolset, Kontron offers industrial companies a holistic solution for the practical implementation of Industry 4.0. A key component of SUSiEtec is the Equipment Cloud®, which is provided as a software-as-a-service. The solution supports the complete life cycle management of equipment and entire machine fleets. In conjunction with SUSiEtec Workforce, companies can thus digitally control and optimise the tasks of their service teams. All relevant information from stationary and mobile devices can be accessed from the cloud, regardless of location. This makes the planning and deployment of service teams much more convenient.


Information via browser


All information on hardware and software versions of all registered devices is stored and managed for service purpose in the Equipment Cloud®. If a problem arises or maintenance or repair is due, all the necessary information can be accessed via any browser as required. To protect the data, there is no permanent connection between the devices and the cloud. Rather, the service technician must dial into the cloud via a secure connection for each individual case. The time-consuming search for detailed information that was previously stored in classic documentation is a thing of the past. Additional hardware is not necessary for this cloud-based service component from SUSiEtec. History logs document every access and provide the necessary transparency. In addition, the Equipment Cloud® is fully compliant with GDPR and DSGVO.


Optimised exchange at all levels


The Equipment Cloud® is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to service, optimising collaboration at all levels - from person to person, from person to machine and from machine to machine. On every registered end device, all relevant information is remotely controlled and thus available at all times - around the clock and regardless of location. Customer service can react faster and more efficiently, increasing customer satisfaction and strengthening customer loyalty.


Are your service teams already fit for Industry 4.0?


That was the second part of our blog article series about the SUSiEtec toolset for holistic digitalisation. Learn more about the FabEagle® Connect connectivity platform in the next part.


You can find all parts of this blog series here:



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