SUSiEtec Toolset from Kontron paves the way for Industry 4.0


Digitalisation has long since become a permanent fixture in the industrial sector. It has turned former isolated solutions into homogeneous production landscapes. There is no area in which processes have not been and are still not being sustainably changed by digitalisation. This applies to traditional mechanical and plant engineering as well as to process automation or medical technology. In global competition, only plants that work according to the principles of Industry 4.0 will be used in the future.


The focus here is on the new way of generating and processing data. The prerequisite for this is overcoming the barriers that have existed to date between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). Industry 4.0 will only be realised in practice when information from both worlds can be utilized in internal processes.



No Industry 4.0 without IoT

 Industry 4.0 is inconceivable without the Internet of Things (IoT). Sensors, edge computers, applications from the cloud and mobile solutions are an integral part of the processes for Industry 4.0, and heterogeneous worlds often collide in this area.


With the holistic digitalisation solution SUSiEtec, Kontron has developed a toolset with which different IoT infrastructures can be brought together without any problems.



Mastering complex challenges with professional tools

SUSiEtec supports industrial companies in mastering the complex challenges of digital transformation. This package of solutions offers a customised combination of hardware and software. Industries such as automotive, transportation, medical or smart energy can use this "digital toolbox" to implement individual solutions to cover industry-specific requirements.


The SUSiEtec digitalisation portfolio enables uncomplicated access to all the necessary embedded IoT/computer hardware, software tools and software development environment. The necessary consulting and industry expertise, as well as installation and commissioning support from Kontron expert teams, are core elements of SUSiEtec's service offering.Together with Kontron's hardware portfolio, this enables a cost-effective and scalable solution to be implemented that also includes the integration of existing machines.



Better data for optimised quality assurance

In combination with the latest AI-supported analytics solutions from SUSiEtec, users can maintain an overview of information that is relevant to them, even with exponentially growing data volumes. For example, productivity in manufacturing can be optimised through real-time quality inspection. Improved asset management and predictive maintenance enable significantly higher levels in this environment. More informed data evaluation also yields insights that serve as the basis for strategic business decisions. This enables industrial companies to strengthen their competitive position in the medium to long term.



Has your company already embarked on the way to digital transformation to realise Industrie 4.0 applications?

That was the first part of our blog article series about the SUSiEtec toolset for holistic digitalisation. Read more about the Equipment Cloud®, FabEagle® Connect and SUSiEtec Workforce in the coming weeks.


You can find all parts of this blog series here:




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