Cloud based service for machines?

I have seen some industries consider it quite common that M2M is only the transfer from data to a server system… and then call this the cloud. However, in today’s business environment, manufacturers not only need to improve the product itself, but also the user experience. What sounds a bit theoretical and end customer focused starts to be a core industrial topic as soon as it’s going to spare parts or service.

Kontron’s new cooperation with, recently showcased at Embedded World 2014, offers a great step forward in improving the integration between human operators and machines installed in wide spread areas. This will be usable in many applications like field service for textile machinery or preventive refill for vending machines. There is a wide range of use cases where this type of integration is needed. In our case we show the path from machine fault to a service technician fixing the problem.

Using the advanced and proven Salesforce1 cloud platform together with Kontron has offered an excellent starting point for implementing better and easier to use applications for a better customer relationship. From this cooperation it’s pretty easy to create service concepts, like the ones already requested by several companies. This is only a first starting point. It will be very exciting for me seeing completely new business concepts being implemented.

For me this shows, contrary to the past years, M2M will be successful by offering more than only pushing data to the cloud by a mobile network. It needs to offer a customer benefit based on the technology.

What do you think will be the first area where cloud based service for machines will take place?

Thank you!

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