Jens Wiegand is a recognized technology leader with wide experience in a variety of embedded technology markets. He joined Kontron in January 2014. Prior to that, he worked at Wind River in several senior management positions, overseeing strategically Industrial&Car, Aerospace&Defense and Communication verticals. He drove the incubation of IoT (internet of things) and M2M (machine to machine) investments and started new businesses at Wind River. He is also tightly connected to the North American embedded high-tech sector and M2M/IoT standardization bodies. 

Further past Jens Wiegand joined Motorola as a result of Motorola’s acquisition of Force Computers. While at Force Computers, Jens Wiegand kept several management positions and headed up their Strategic Marketing, with responsibilities in the areas of strategic planning, portfolio planning and investment. Following a career which started at EADS (Airbus Defense & Space) and spans more than two decades in the high-tech industry, he was holding various management positions.  

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