Line Controller - The intelligent head of your production

FabEagle®LC is a modular computer solution for your manufacturing lines. Here the system can be scaled from the individual manufacturing module to the fully concatenated line. 

You profit from numerous configurable functions such as:

  • Management of the production specifications (orders, timetables, formulae)
  • Control of production and tracking of individual products
  • Recording of product and machine data
  • Visualisation (plant overview, quantities, productivity).
  • Reports (alarms, states, OEE, product errors, raw data)
  • Traceability through the archiving of quality data

The FabEagle®LC is mainly used in assembly and test systems in the automotive industry and electronics manufacturing sectors. 

  • Ensuring the traceability for product data & test data
  • Increasing transparency through line and online visualization
  • Support for manufacturing with many variants with lot size 1
  • Enhancing the productivity by improving the utilisation of production capacities with maximum machine availability
  • Fast integration through standardised interfaces for many PLC and equipment providers
  • Short commissioning due to more than 20 years of experience with line Controller projects

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FabEagle®LC Factsheet
[ kontron_ais_factsheet_fabeagle_lc_en_2023-04_es.pdf, 1.18 MB, Aug.03.2023 ]


FabEagle®LC - Factory Automation
Line Controller for Combustion Engine Production at Textron Motors GmbH
[ textron-motors_en_use-case_kontron.pdf, 1.34 MB, Sep.02.2021 ]

[ paperless-manufacture_en_use-case_kontron_20220608.pdf, 7.99 MB, Jan.27.2023 ]



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