Limitless communication with new multilingual functionality

Limitless communication with new multilingual functionality

AI-based automatic translation enables efficient international communication in more than 28 languages with EquipmentCloud®

Dresden, February 14, 2024 – Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), offers industrial software for cross-industry automation solutions through its subsidiary Kontron AIS GmbH. The new multilingual functionality sees Kontron AIS expand its EquipmentCloud® digital transformation solution by enabling the automatic AI-based translation of static texts into more than 28 languages for easy and fast international communication.
With the multilingual functionality, Kontron AIS is expanding the EquipmentCloud® digital transformation solution to include the automatic, AI-based translation of static texts. This is powered by integrating the DeepL® API, which means that mechanical engineering companies can translate and provide the content of customer platforms in more than 28 languages to ensure efficient communication across borders. The optional translation functionality is seamlessly integrated into all eleven modules of EquipmentCloud®, making it easier to send multilingual system emails and create checklists, templates and maintenance schedules, and other application-specific notifications. In addition, the Monitoring module is supported by translating KPI models, alarm classes and texts, as well as machine status and process values. Content from articles and feeds as well as knowledge entries can be translated at the push of a button.

With no need for external translation agencies, EquipmentCloud® enables virtually real-time translation of new content at significantly lower costs based on API calls. The need to prepare content in only one source language also significantly speeds up publication of new content. Users can then set their preferred language in their individual profile to reduce language barriers, minimize misunderstandings and optimize international communication in the local language. As a result, EquipmentCloud® creates the ideal basis for efficient communication with customers and providing rapid support in an international business environment.


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Kontron AIS GmbH sets the benchmark in industrial software – for more than 30 years and with an experienced team of over 200 employees. The proven software products and customized digitalization solutions enable machine and equipment builders as well as factory operators to break new ground in automation and secure long-term competitive advantages. Together with its customers, Kontron AIS implements worldwide cross-industry, intelligent digitalization strategies and solutions for the smart manufacturing of tomorrow. As a subsidiary of the Kontron AG, Kontron AIS offers integrated, end-to-end IoT concepts consisting of hardware and software as well as worldwide project management, service, and support thanks to a global network. Further information:


About Kontron

Kontron AG (, ISIN AT0000A0E9W5, WKN A0X9EJ, KTN) is a leading IoT technology company. For more than 20 years, Kontron has been supporting companies from a wide range of industries to achieve their business goals with intelligent solutions. From automated industrial operations, smarter and safer transport to advanced communications, medical, and energy solutions, the company delivers technologies that add value for its customers. Kontron is listed on the SDAX® and TecDAX® of the German Stock Exchange and has around 4,700 employees with subsidiaries in more than 20 countries around the world.





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