Kontron at the Embedded World 2024: Innovative solutions for IoT and Industry 4.0

Kontron at the Embedded World 2024: Innovative solutions for IoT and Industry 4.0

Ismaning, Germany, March 14, 2024 – Kontron, a global leader in IoT/Embedded Computer Technology (ECT), will present customized solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 at the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference. By combining hardware, software and services, Kontron enables innovative applications for various industries. The IoT and Industry 4.0 specialist will present these solutions from 9 to 11 April 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany, in Hall 3, Stand 3-159. 

Compact High-Performance Modules for Edge Computing
Kontron's SMARC™, COM-Express® and high-performance COM-HPC® modules offer broad scalability with 13th, 14th and Ultra Intel® Core™ technology as well as the latest Intel Atom®-based technology. In particular, the COM-Express® mini-series offers an extremely robust and space-saving platform based on Intel® Core™ technology for the first time, while the COM-HPC mini offers the next higher performance class in mini format. Kontron will also showcase high-performance Arm® processors from TI and NXP on its SMARC modules in Nuremberg.

Increased performance and scalability for Mini-ITX, µATX and ATX motherboards
Kontron extends support for 14th generation Intel® Core™ processors on its Mini-ITX, µATX and ATX motherboards with a BIOS update for the K38xx motherboard series. The updated platform includes models such as the K3851-R ATX and the K3831-H Thin mITX designed specifically for retail applications. The 14th generation Intel® Core™ processors offer up to 24 cores with a hybrid architecture for significantly improved performance in demanding applications.

New SoM solution with real-time coprocessor
With the OSM-S i.MX93 System-on-Module, Kontron expands its SoM product portfolio with a focus on secure edge computing and machine learning. Featuring a dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A55 @ 1.7GHz and a 250MHz Cortex®-M33 real-time coprocessor, it offers up to 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM and up to 512GB of eMMC. For security in IoT applications, the module integrates the EdgeLock® Secure Enclave and supports time-critical applications.

A new range of modular system solutions
KHW's new 3U 1" VPX power supplies are (COTS) contact-cooled, single-stage converters that meet the ANSI/VITA 62.0 specification. Used to power a VPX chassis, they fit into the standard frame defined by VITA 46.0. The 600W VPX360TNG is the next generation of switching power supply technology, offering increased performance in a smaller footprint. As a system provider, Kontron also offers a wide range of products and complete solutions for a variety of applications, such as suitable chassis, ATRs, backplanes, switches, plug-in cards and SBCs.

High-performance Box PC with 14th generation Intel® Core™ processors
Available for the first time with the latest 14th generation Intel® Core™ processors, the new KBox B-201-RPL and KBox B-202-RPL embedded box PCs not only offer higher single and multi-thread performance, but also maximum expandability in a compact design and low noise levels (Whisper Quiet Operation) with a maximum of 34 dB(A). This makes the industrial box PCs ideal for applications such as high-end image processing, SCADA/MES applications, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Arm®-based Control Panels for maximum performance
The new Control Panel series, based on the powerful Arm® NXP i.MX8M Plus processor, will be unveiled at Embedded World 2024. These panels offer increased computing and graphics performance, enhanced connectivity and multiple interfaces for communication in industrial environments. Featuring an attractive housing design, optically bonded multi-touch IPS displays and IP65-rated, they are ideally suited for cabinet and console mounting. The series is also equipped with an internal M.2 slot and additional expansion ports for a variety of customization options.

K-PORT now supports Docker Compose and Remote Files 
K-PORT, the comprehensive fleet management solution for edge devices, now supports setting up Docker Compose configurations for individual devices or mass rollouts and script-based updates using remote files from the cloud to the devices. Containers can be manually started, stopped and restarted remotely via the K-PORT interface, with both individual Docker images and image sets natively supported. Docker Compose enables the definition and management of multi-container applications in a single YAML file, simplifying the entire orchestration process. Docker Compose also provides access to specific features such as services, volumes, networks, configs and secrets. In addition, dockers already created with Docker Compose can be reused, resulting in significant time savings.

KontronOS: The secure custom Linux OS for embedded devices
The new KontronOS is a secure Linux-based operating system specifically designed to protect IoT solutions in critical environments. With built-in support for most Kontron product platforms, it extends the kontron susietec® toolset and significantly improves security standards. In addition to reducing operating costs by at least 15 percent, KontronOS ensures data protection and security against remote access, hacking and third-party surveillance.

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