Our employees are highly varied individuals:
Women and men of various ages, who speak different languages, with different abilities and needs, from various cultures, and are characterized by multifaceted various ideas, views and experiences.

We place a strong emphasis on diversity, and appreciate and respect our employees' different characteristics.
We are proud of the diversity of our staff.
Diversity makes our company successful.

With Kontron's global presence, it is essential that we combine many different cultures and people with differing abilities and interests. With our Diversity Management, we aim to create a productive overall atmosphere that inhibits the discrimination of minorities, and improves equality of opportunities. Each and every member of staff is welcome at Kontron, irrespective of gender, age, religion, disability, and regardless of ethnic and cultural origin.

We aim to constructively utilize and promote the variety and social diversity of our staff. All employees should be free to unfold their potential. We also regard our staff's diversity as a commercial and operational benefit, and as a competitive advantage. This is because:

  • Diversity boosts our employees' motivation, satisfaction and promotes cooperation within our company.
  • Diversity promotes creativity when implementing projects and when developing new concepts and products.
  • Diversity helps us to better understand our customers' needs and thereby raise customer satisfaction.
  • Diversity makes us a dynamic and interesting employer.

By supporting diversity and tolerance at all levels we aim to achieve the maximum in terms of productivity and efficiency. We are convinced that our employees' diversity enriches our company and contributes to our success.


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