Compensation and benefits

Commitment, entrepreneurial spirit and personal responsibility.
This is what distinguishes our employees, and it pays off for them,
because outstanding achievements deserve to be rewarded.

We recognize your achievements, and offer you an attractive and dynamic compensation package.

The total compensation of experienced professionals at Kontron is determined individually on the basis of qualifications and experience. We ensure that entry-level professionals enjoy a secure start to their professional lives through permanent employment contracts.

Along with an attractive basic salary, our compensation packages also include bonuses that are linked to performance and success, as well as a series of additional benefits that are structured differently according to country and function.

Our employees' achievements contributione to our company as a going-concern which is why we give our staff the opportunity to participate in our success when they reach their objectives. For an employee, this means the better you fulfill your targets, the higher your final participation in the company's success. With this type of profit-sharing scheme, we aim to motivate our staff to continue to contribute to Kontron's success through their achievements and commitment.


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