Certified Design Partners


Criteria such as know-how and experience with complex Embedded-PC technologies are significant and key requirements. Besides, the certification Kontron requires a proactive communication and the participation in dedicated Baseboard Design Trainings run by experienced Kontron Field Application Engineers. Therefore grown and profound knowledge about Kontron Computer-on-Modules build a solid basis also when it comes to support questions. That quality approach and promise enables safe designs and foster a successful partnership.


Here is a list of our current Certified Design Partners:


  • Embedded Experts GmbH

    Embedded Experts GmbH is an Austrian based engineering company with vast experience in baseboard design, serial high-speed interconnects (PCIe, USB 2/3, NVMe), industrial networking, realtime control, time sensitive networking (TSN) as well as software development on RTOS and Linux.
    Our technical excellence is accomplished by an in depth understanding of Sensoring, Audio, Networking, Lightning and Industrial Control application background making us your perfect partner from the requirements to the development phase.
    We also have a vast experience in embedded firmware development, focused on C/C++ stacks with embedded script languages (LUA) and provide consulting as well as engineering services.
    Short development cycles due to multiple own IP blocks, prototype manufacturing equipment and local support in East (Vienna/Sankt Pölten) and West (Innsbruck) of Austria make us your perfect partner.

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  • Deltatec

    Founded in 1986, DELTATEC is a high-tech design house, specialized in advanced hardware, software and packaging design and system integration. We cover all demands for software and hardware engineering, prototyping, industrialization, certification, packaging design, product life time management. We assume production of small and middle range series. With a team of more than 25 high-level engineers, our main design competences are in the following fields embedded systems, digital video and imaging, sound processing, broadcast applications, FPGA based designs, packaging design, aeronautic and space embedded electronics. Our main markets are: TV broadcast, industrial vision, industrial equipment, aeronautic, space, medical, telecom, multimedia.

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  • Wolf Industrial Systems Inc.

    Wolf is an Engineering Design Center and Embedded board supplier, working for OEM’s requiring: - engineering design - rapid prototyping - COTS computer products - management services - certification - ruggedizing - system integration - testing - documentation and - PCB manufacturing

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Czech Republic

  • Compteq.io s.r.o.

    Compteq Pilsen used to be part of Kontron Company and still is participating on Kontron product development. Therefore is Compteq able to provide complete solutions, beginning by consulting, conception and project management, until to the realization. Because of deep technical knowledge and skills is Compteq the professional partner of the customer guiding from the development phase until to the serial production and the system integration for customized hardware and software solutions. Compteq is also sales partner for all kinds of Kontron products.

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    Microteam started 1981 to provide product development services. Microteam speciality is electronics design for harsh environments like automotive, industrial and military environments. Microteam is one stop shop for all your product development needs. We can provide solutions for electronics, software and mechanics design. Our engineers have long expertise design electronics and software. Design quality and customer satisfaction is our main goal.

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  • IRTS

    Founded in 1995, IRTS is an industrial small medium-sized company specialized in embedded electronics. IRTS offers besides their business as a leading manufacturer of embedded computers and displays for harsh environments like industrial and military environments, design and development of baseboards for Computer-on-Modules, such as COM Express™, ETX®, ETXexpress®, microETXexpress®, nanoETXexpress. IRTS can provide solutions for electronics, software and mechanics design. Our engineers have a strong experience of mechatronics and electronic design, VHDL and software development from conception to production and also certification. Our expertise : embedded computers and displays, communication systems, tests and integration systems, recording and data acquisition systems. Our main markets : Defense, Energy, Transportation and Industry Our main goal : Design Quality and Customer Satisfaction

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  • Odyssée-Systèmes

    Since 2001, Odyssey Systemes has been an official distributor for Kontron, a leading global market of industrial and military computers. Backed by strong technical expertise, Odyssey Systemes offers COTS and customized systems including CompactPCI formats, VPX, VME, UTCA, Computer on modules, and Industrial PCs. The partnership between  Kontron and Odyssey Systems extends beyond the business framework and into their strong relationships, providing customers the best commercial & technical service available.

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  • AARONN Electronic GmbH

    Aaronn Electronic GmbH was founded in 1993 by Klaus Lederer, who is still CEO of Aaronn Electronic. Aaronn specializes in distribution of embedded computing and design for custom system solution. With more than 50 man years of experience in embedded market, Aaronn is able to provide innovative system solutions in a variety of markets. Starting with embedded computing technology distribution, Aaronn is now a well recognized system solution provider. Aaronn is focused on customer needs - from a simple stand-alone system through to specific customized applications. We also provide support when our partners need to apply for certifications such as TÜV, UL, CE or medical qualifications testing. Let us know your application needs; we are ready for your embedded System project.

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  • b-plus GmbH

    The b-plus GmbH provides complete solutions, beginning by consulting, conception and project management, until to the realisation. So they are the professional partner of the customer guiding from the development phase until to the serial production and the system integration for customized hardware and software solutions. Great focus on RISC architectures, based on Computer-On-Modules.

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  • BMK Group GmbH & CO.KG

    BMK Group GmbH as a leading provider for all services in electronics (E²MS - electronic engineering and manufacturing services) ensures shortest time-to-market. Based on the experience of more than 500 engineering projects and thousands of assembled boards, BMK is the ideal partner for high-tech electronic products for industrial, medical and telecom applications.

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  • Fortec Elektronik AG

    The Fortec Elektronik AG offers besides their business as a leading distributor of embedded computers, displays and power supplies, design and development of baseboards for Computer-on-Modules, such as COM Express™, ETX®, DIMM-PC® and other x86-based technologies. The CAD libraries contain a wide range of function blocks. These can be used for easy implementation without big complexity to save development time and reduce costs significantly. In addition to customer-specific developments, the Fortec AG offers through its subsidiaries, the assembly of the carrier board and the functional kits. And all with one single source!

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  • iesy GmbH & Co. KG

    iesy serves as a systems supplier for embedded computing. Since 1966, iesy supports its customers at all levels from development to mass production of electronic systems. Driven by a passion for technology and an experienced team in the areas of software and hardware development, procurement, manufacturing and equipment testing iesy is an ideal OEM and outsourcing partner for development, series production, customization and maintenance of electronic products

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  • LACON Electronic GmbH

    The company LACON embedded GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes electronic system components for a wide range of industrial applications. LACON embedded is your partner with many years experience in design of Hard- and Software, electronic manufacturing service, assembly of kabels and electric cabinets. One of our core competences are design and production of OEM products, based on Computer-on-Modules. Our design experience includes the electronic baseboards, power supplies, the construction of chassis and the system integration.

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  • Densan Co., Ltd.

    As the first industrial standard board vendor in Japan, Densan has been developing standard board computer products (e.g., Multi, VME and Compact PCI) for more than 40 years. These products are well suited for industrial equipment applications across a variety of industries. Densan assists its customers with development and manufacturing of different solutions by providing CPU processors and a broad range of I/O board level products.

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  • 3City Electronics

    3City Electronics focuses on design from scratch and produces consumer and industrial electronics. 3City Electronics is supplying innovative solutions in areas such as: industrial automation, energy, military, telecommunications, telematics, medicine, computer games, public safety, aerospace, sports, Internet of Things, and wearables. The company specializes in design services and R&D. With a team of more than 50 high-educated engineers, the company supports clients with advanced and innovative solutions to increase their competitiveness on the global market. 3City Electronics has the Intel® Technology Provider status and is a member of Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance with the General Member status.  

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United States of America

  • Acces I/O Products, Inc.

    Founded in 1987 in San Diego, CA, ACCES I/O (Acquisition Control Communication Engineering/Systems) supplies an extensive range of analog, digital, serial communication, and isolated I/O boards and solutions. ACCES also offers complete systems, integration services and enclosures with a quick turn around on custom projects, including software. Our products are designed for use with PC/104, PCI, PCI-X, Low Profile PCI, EBX, ETX®, EPIC, USB, Ethernet, and ISA as well as distributed and wireless I/O. ACCES I/O is staffed by experienced engineering and technical sales professionals whose decades of cumulative instrumentation expertise have led to a very high degree of product reliability and customer satisfaction. These considerations, coupled with the firm’s standout three-year product warranty, testify to the excellence that ACCES I/O currently brings, and will continue to bring, to the data acquisition and control market.

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  • Arira Design

    Arira Design is a multi-disciplined hardware design team with a focus on board and system level design services. Our engineering teams specialize in the development of Telecom switches, servers, storage Devices, AV set-top boxes, and hand-held products. With a talented staff of EE's and our large partner network, Arira helps clients take product ideas and turn them into world-class products.

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  • Communication Systems Solutions, LLC

    At Communication Systems Solutions, LLC our primary mission is the solution of communication system design problems. With over 50 years of combined design experience in the private and for hire sectors, CSS can not only help our customers realize their custom design goals, but we can also serve as a guide through the entire design process.

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  • RightHand Technologies, Inc.

    Founded in 2002, RightHand Technologies provides expert engineering design services and specialized manufacturing with sophisticated, full-validation functional testing for embedded electronic systems. Its engineers have experience developing everything from simple motherboards to complex, high-speed designs with challenging technical constraints. The company excels in managing projects from their initial inception through research, design, development, tooling, verification, system-level testing and transfer to production. RightHand Technologies employs world-class program management optimized for small-volume manufacturing. RightHand Technologies has developed many COM Express custom carrier boards for a variety of markets requiring agency approvals and specialized testing. We provide embedded engineering services including hardware design and manufacturing, mechanical engineering design, product prototype, OS development and device driver development.

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