IoT Systems

Edge Computing

At the field, or edge level, data is collected by industrial computers, e.g. by gateways, which process, filter, analyze and act on these data in real-time right at the device. In order to avoid cost-intensive data transmission, the data is typically aggregated and sent on further to a private, on-premise cloud in condensed, more manageable data sets. Flexible fieldbus and sensor interfaces can integrate PLCs or any other controller and sensor device. Software support for modern, state-of-the-art IoT connectors or flexible software containers provide an ‘easy to use and manage’ platform infrastructure.


Fog Computing

The level of fog computing is characterized by scalable medium to high computing performance for application fields such as machine control, inspection, data analytics, image processing etc. Here, Kontron offers various high performing, fanless  industrial computer platforms.


Industrial Server

On the server level, Kontron offers industrial servers with high performance computing and storage capacity sufficient for huge data processing, artificial intelligence or virtual machines. These servers manage the coordination of all incurring data at a particular facility.



Kontron’s Panel PCs and monitors are designed for critical industrial environments and extend the computing platforms by human interfaces with displays and touch screens for all kinds of target applications.


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