About Kontron

As an international and high-growth high-tech company, Kontron is one of the world's leading providers of embedded computer technology (ECT). Kontron develops and manufactures embedded computer systems at various locations around the world and is a listed company. Its shares are traded in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and on other exchanges under the symbol “KBC”.

Our company, however, is hardly a new one. We have played a leading role with our technologies from as early as 1959. Our engineers have launched groundbreaking technological innovations, many of which form today's industry standards. We meanwhile employ about 1,300 staff members around the world. 

As a global provider of embedded computer technology, Kontron is engaged North America, Europe and also in emerging markets such as China, and Eastern Europe. With our embedded solutions, we supply customers from the most varied market segments such as data and Communications, Energy, Industrial Automation, Infotainment, Medical, Defense/Aerospace and Transportation. Thanks to our international reach, we provide our customers with worldwide support. Our global reach also offers our employees the opportunity to develop their careers in many different ways.

As a modern and growing high-tech company, we pursue the objective of

  • Bringing creative and promising ideas to market readiness
  • Strengthening our position on the embedded computer markets
  • Not only meeting, but also exceeding, our customers' expectations
  • Further expanding our successful position

As a consequence, we are always looking for talented employees who can enrich us with their expertise, experience, commitment and those who wish to accompany us on our growth path.


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