Kontron’s customized computer platforms help major medical OEMs to develop innovative medical solutions which are highly reliable and sustainable, provide efficiency and enable connected healthcare which adds value to patients and also reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the OEM.

Kontron's many years of experience in medical technology allow to accompany a product from design to series production and offers, amongst others:

  • a realistic budgeting of the costs
  • smooth testing and certification procedures
  • flexible production capacities and
  • a time-reliable market launch.


An ergonomic user interface is essential for the intuitive and accurate use of a medical device.

We work closely with our customers to assemble individually designed user interfaces which enable a fast flow of information and withstand cleaning and sterilization processes.

  • Customized HMIs for highest demands in design, functionality and efficiency
  • Smart design for easy cleaning and sterilization of surfaces and housings
  • Compliance with global regulatory requirements
  • Easy integration into Clinical IT Infrastructure

Backend Processing

The advancement in medical imaging and the availability of acquired data requires significant computing performance to allow for real time fusion and enhancement of these data providing accurate and timely information to the right individual. We provide backend processing platforms and workstations which meet the highest requirements in computing and GPU power aligned to individual design directives.

  • Solutions for image processing applications
  • Highest requirements in computing and GPU power
  • Individual customized design

All In One Platform

Ease of usability, meeting performance requirements and utilization readiness in a medical environment are key features of an all-in-one platform. We create efficient and modular systems that allow high interoperability, scalability and sustainability.

  • Scalable performance for flexible and differentiated product positioning
  • Individual ergonomic designs and ease of usability
  • Compliance with medical certifications where needed


We are your ODM partner for development and production of complex, high-quality electronic wearables for healthcare.

Our solutions cover a wide spectrum of customer requirements and are used as wearables for therapy and mobile patient monitoring.

  • Complete handling of design / construction / electronic design / software development (EN 60601 and IEC 62304)
  • Production certified according to ISO 13485

EMS Manufacturing

As a project partner we offer the complete range of Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) with custom engineering, development of electronic schematics as well as creation of an optimized layout as a base for SMD/THT manufacturing. Starting from product & cost analysis through to sustainable mass production of PCBA’s to complete devices in DACH, Europe or Asia.

  • Production in DACH, East Europe and Asia
  • Boxbuilding from PCBA to system
  • Low volume – high mix / high volume
  • Certification for IEC 13485; UL; ATEX; Apple MFi
Standard Products
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