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One of the new challenges arising with the use of edge, fog, and cloud architectures is the connection of components to each other and to the public cloud. An important element of developing a solution capturing all pieces is the IoT framework susietec. Within Industry 4.0 applications, susietec connects all the components and provides analysis and processing of the data generated. susietec dissolves the traditional border between data generation, processing, and provision, enabling the fusion of IT and OT.

Moreover, Kontron also offers Standard Software for IoT applications.



An advantage for all types of cloud and cloud-oriented applications is the scalability to the new Kontron embedded servers and the long-standing cloud and IT experience of its parent company S&T. Thus, Kontron and S&T Technologies (with its new industrial IoT framework susietec), offer a unique value proposition by being able to develop widely scalable and comprehensive platforms and solutions.

Within Industry 4.0 solution environment, susietec takes care of the analysis and processing of data incurred. It removes the traditional boundaries between data acquisition, data processing, and data provisioning, enabling the integration of IT and OT.

The platform is customized to fit the requirements of different applications, and is deployed at the boundary between sensors and cloud. It provides the necessary link between devices, translates protocols, filters data and processes them on site if and when needed.

susietec can be configured flexibly and adapts to existing automation solutions to collect and analyze telemetry- and sensor data on site, to cope with rising demand for cloud bandwidth and storage.

With Microsoft recently announcing the general availability of Microsoft Azure IoT Edge, Kontron and S&T Technologies offer comprehensive Microsoft Azure IoT Edge integration and customization services based on susietec – an end-to-end IoT solution that enables our customers to build scalable and powerful edge computing solutions with Microsoft Azure. 


Standard Software

Driven by the growing demand of IoT ready devices, Kontron offers board support packages, connectivity software providing full security for system health and device management in order to maintain a trusted cloud environment – which provides the base for all data driven solutions and service models.

Security starts with the hardware and is provided by security elements like a TPM on all relevant products.  

APPROTECT, soldered on the Kontron products optionally, is based on WIBU technologies and allows customers to protect their own intellectual property or to develop new business models.

Data protection can be achieved not just by the secure communication of trusted devices, but also by encrypted storage devices.

Kontron combines these security elements with software and firmware to offer a complete portfolio starting at BIOS secure boot all the way up to the application level.

Kontron board support packages KeAPI are an extension of the PICMG@ standard EAPI, and provide all board specific information to the user. It is a common Kontron standard for all devices and provides a single device interface that enables a user to access information to the different components of Kontron hardware including the power supply unit, display panel, board information, and BIOS version. Access to  I²C, SMBus, GPIOs, and EEPROM is also included. KeAPI supports PICMG standard and is EAPI compliant.


Based on well-established standards, Kontron and S&T offer open platforms with seamlessly integrated Kontron products like gateways to make sure that customers can easily deploy and control their installations, as well as do maintenance and updates through the whole lifecycle of a product.

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