Ace Flight™ 4783 | iQ800 ONLY

ARINC 791/792 Dual Modem Manager (MODMAN) - Single iQ800
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  • Integrated Single Satellite Modem Cards (iQ800) with RF switch
  • High performance Intel® Xeon® 6-Core processor, 64GB DRAM
  • L2 Managed Ethernet Switch
  • ARINC 791/792 compliant
  • DO-160G qualified, Line-fit Ready

Ace Flight™ 4783 | iQ800 ONLY

Kontron’s Ace Flight™ 4783 MODMAN has been designed in accordance with ARINC 791/792 and has the unique ability to support two different SATCOM modems without any compromise or feature limitations. This version of Ace Flight™ 4783 provides a single modem configuration using iDirect iQ800. The MODMAN also includes an Intel® Xeon® 6-Core processor, L2+ Managed Ethernet Switch, cellular modem, ARINC 429 and fixed/removable storage options.

The dual integrated satellite modem approach eliminates the need for a second MODMAN to be installed onto the aircraft thus removing weight, cost and complexity while still allowing the aircraft the ability to utilize different satellite operators by selecting the appropriate modem during flight.

This product line has been rigorously tested and DO-160G qualified for environmental conditions specific to airborne applications.


Form Factor 4MCU per ARINC 600, air flow-through
Processor Intel® Xeon® E-2276ML (6x 2.0GHz), CM246 PCH, GT2
Security TPM 2.0 (Security)
Connectivity Single SATCOM Modem: iDirect iQ800
Operating System Ubuntu 20.4 LTS, 64-bit Contact Factory for Optional Software and other OS support
Ethernet L2+ Managed Ethernet Switch
12x Ethernet Ports (6x GbE, 6x 100BT) on ARINC 600 Connector (Ports)
Wireless connectivity 4G/LTE+ cellular modem for global access
Frontpanel 2 Front accessible SIM slots ("2FF" / Mini-SIM)
Storage 2x NVMe Slots, capacity up to 2TB per slot (Ordering Option)
1x Removable Solid State Drive (RSSD), capacity up to 8TB (Ordering Option)
Bus type 6x ARINC 429 Rx (fixed), 1x ARINC 429 (Tx/Rx) configurable
USB 1x USB 2.0 (ARINC 600)
1x USB 3.0 Front I/O Maintenance
Video Output 1x Mini-Display Port Front I/O Maintenance



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