Kontron announces new boards and modules powered by Intel® Atom® Processor C3000 product family to be released in late 2017

Kontron announces new boards and modules powered by Intel® Atom® Processor C3000 product family to be released in late 2017

New Kontron COM Express® Computer-on-Module designed to be used as entry server platform offering scalable compute performance

Augsburg, August 16, 2017 – Kontron, a leading global provider of Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), today announced that the new Intel® Atom® Processor C3000 product family will power new Kontron boards and modules to be released in late 2017. Products featuring 3rd-generation Intel® Atom® Processor technology will comprise the Kontron COM Express® Computer-on-Module COMe-bDV7 in the basic type 7 form factor and a Kontron Mini-ITX motherboard.

With these boards Kontron’s customers will be able to take full advantage of Intel’s latest Intel® Atom® entry server platform offering scalable compute performance from dual-core to 16 cores with high bandwidth memory (ECC) and I/O capacity for low power fanless systems. Supporting up to four 10GbE Ethernet interfaces, the Kontron boards are designed for applications such as real-time Industry 4.0 fog servers, micro servers, network appliances, as well as Industrial, Energy, Robotics and IoT implementations with demanding network requirements.

“The new Kontron boards will be the ideal solution for compute-intensive and space-constrained applications that deliver critical high-performance network infrastructure with advanced features needed for today’s connected Internet of Things (IoT) requirements. Developers will also appreciate the broad range of available CPU options always offering the ideal solution for even the most specific operational requirements,” said Peter Müller, Director, Product Line Boards&Modules. “The native Kontron security solution offers out of the box protection against increasingly complex threats.”

The upcoming modules and boards based on the new Intel® Atom® Processor C3000 product family will offer optional support for Kontron’s Security Solution APPROTECT. It is based on an integrated security chip from Wibu-Systems which in tandem with a specifically developed software framework protects applications, as well as all data processed and stored on the device. Additionally, Kontron's APPROTECT Licensing enables new business models such as 'pay per use' or time-based trial versions, as it can be used to easily enable or disable features via a predetermined set of variables.




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