CP6007-SA Neu

11th Gen Intel® Xeon® CompactPCI® Blade
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  • PICMG2.16 server and general computing
  • 64GByte ECC memory, NVMe or SATA flash
  • European design and production
  • Proven CPCI eco system, 10 years availability
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For long term programs in critical environments

Outstanding performance-per-watt
CP6007-SA is based on 6-core or 8-core 11th Generation Intel® Xeon® processors with 10nm technology, with outstanding performance-per-watt values. Its scalable power budget allows users to tailor the power dissipation to their requirements. 32GB soldered memory and the option for an additional 32GB SODIMM with ECC is provided.

Future-proof investment by virtualisation
CP6007 is well suited for advanced Multi-CPU server applications, built as virtual machines: A future proof investment.

Various extensions: storage, XMC, PMC, rear-I/O
CP6007-SA is prepared to operate with onboard industrial grade M.2 flash devices, NVMe or SATA, and with 2.5 inch SATA hard disks or SSDs to be placed onto a respective rear-I/O module or onto a separate HDD carrier KIT. CP6007-SA also features an XMC site according to XMC.3 supporting x8 PCI Express®, and alternatively a PMC site. Kontron's rear I/O module series is fully functional with CP6007-SA.

A safe choice
The well-established CompactPCI® eco system, combined with a long availability of Intel's processor family, and Kontron’s reliable technical support, make CP6007-SA a safe choice.



Datasheet CP6007-SA
[ cp6007-sa_datasheet.pdf, 379.48 KB, Feb.27.2024 ]


[ cp6007-sa-ra_user_guide_v10_2023-08-25.pdf, 7.48 MB, Aug.25.2023 ]

General Safety Instruction
[ general-safety-instructions.pdf, 560.72 KB, Jan.04.2021 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 8.9 MB, Dec.17.2020 ]

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